in cities Reservists Saki, Jankoj and Krasnohvardi are invited to the military commissions for “verification”. They must have a passport with them.

According to the decision of the Military Committee of Yevpatoria City, everyone Men registered in Sake In the Sakha region, Those who have obtained Class A or BIt should be from May 16 to 20 Come to the committee. Similar decisions were also reported for Yankoi and Krasnohvardesky.

According to Kremskij Wittier, according to the official announcement, the commissions verify, among other things, “personal data” and “residence and residence”.

Saturday is the 80th day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine announced that the Russian army has so far lost about 27.2 thousand. Of them, about 300 soldiers in the past 24 hours. According to the statement, on the last day, the Russian forces lost a helicopter, 13 tanks, 34 armored vehicles, 6 artillery systems, 2 multiple rocket launchers and 6 drones.

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