Russia is increasingly using Soviet cruise missiles to attack Ukraine. Ukrainian Air Force spokesman Yury Ignat said on Tuesday that the missile provides accurate and expensive missiles. He also noted that Russian planes had not appeared over the territory of Ukraine for nearly two months.

“There is a (Russian) trend recently to provide expensive precision missiles,” Yury Ognat said at a press conference on Tuesday. – The enemy today is increasingly using Soviet cruise missiles, such as the Ch-59 and Ch-22. A Ukrainian Air Force spokesman said they were among the most destructive missiles fired by the Russians. report: Russia’s attack on Ukraine

Ignat said that the warhead of the Ch-22 missile weighs 900 kg and causes very significant damage at the attack site. – He said that this missile has a significant drawback – it does not fly to the target, does not always go where it is launched, and civilian infrastructure is often destroyed, which leads to fatalities.

Soviet Ch-22 missile. Illustrative image Environmental Protection Agency

Heaven without planes

The spokesman pointed out that the Russian planes did not appear over the area Ukraine It has been controlled by the country’s armed forces for nearly two months. The enemy uses its planes from a distance from the area BelarusBlack Sea Russiamainly these are the Tu-160 and Tu-95 strategic bombers – Ignat is aware.

On Tuesday, the Ukrainian Air Defense Forces shot down Russian missiles in the Lviv, Tarnopol and Shmyelnik regions.

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In early June, Ukrainian military expert Oleh Zhdanov said in an interview with the portal that Russia “retains precision missiles for attacks on Kyiv“.

Main image source: Environmental Protection Agency