British Prime Minister Boris Johnson argues that the answer to the UK’s supply problems is not a return to mass immigration. And his speech ended the annual conference of the Conservative Party. Meanwhile, voices of unease are heard from many business circles.

Demand for fuel in the United Kingdom Britain. Some species are running out

Anglo-Dutch petrochemical company Royal Dutch Shell announced on Monday that demand for fuel was higher than usual…

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discount social inequality Building a fairer and greener Britain – these are the promises made by the Prime Minister. He argued that election results at the end of 2019, when the Conservatives won decisively, showed that people wanted change, and his party would give them that change.

– This is the direction the state is heading now: an economy with high wages, based on high qualifications, efficient, and therefore low taxes – said the Prime Minister.

earlier conservatives However, they broke their electoral promise and raised taxes. The opposition criticizes them as unfair and hitting low-income people. Some members of the right also expressed concern. The prime minister argued that for the British, the priority now was healthcare and keeping up with the pandemic as soon as possible: canceled procedures and operations.

Boris Johnson also pointed out the problems of the downfall of his government. It’s about the shortcomings gas stationsAnd here and there – empty storage shelves. as a result of Britain’s exit from the European Union I pandemic Truck drivers missing. But the prime minister stressed that these are temporary problems. He added that there will be no return to the previous model, which was based on the work of immigrants.

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– The answer is immigration control: let the most talented come here – argued the prime minister. – immigration He added that it could no longer be an excuse not to invest in personnel, infrastructure or business tools.

Meanwhile, many representatives of the business world do not hide their concern. Lord Conservative Simon Wolfson, head of the clothing chain and a supporter of Brexit, warned that the government was making a mistake, and that there was a shortage of workers in nursing homes, restaurants and hotels.

The Lord warned that there was “panic and doubt” in these sectors.

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