inflation In April it was slightly less than analysts expected – 9.1 percent, however, a very large jump compared to March, when it was 7 percent. This is primarily the effect of 54 percent. Lifts Energy prices that went into effect in April. Al-Diwan explained that about three-quarters of the increase in inflation in April was due to the rise in gas and electricity bills.

Recession risk

They also cause prices to rise high the prices fuel, resulting from the Russian attack on Ukraine, the most expensive food, transportation, and machinery. Back from April to Normal VAT rate for catering servicesWhich were reduced during the previous months to help the sector recover from the effects of the epidemic.

Although it’s April inflation She is the highest in 40 years, this is her life Great Britain is yet to come. In forecasts published in early May, the Bank of England wrote that the peak of inflation for this year is expected in the fourth quarter, when it will reach 10.25%. He also warned at the time that this would be accompanied by a major economic slowdown that might lead to that Recession.

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