The Sage document, dated November 4, said: “If England reverts to the same rating system applied before November 5, the transmission will revert to the same rate of increment as it is today.”

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India celebrates Diwali amid the pandemic

More than a billion Indians celebrated Diwali amid dual fears of a resurgence of the Coronavirus infection and increased air pollution enveloping the north of the country in a thick smog.

The Hindu Festival of Lights is usually celebrated through socializing and exchanging gifts with friends and family, lighting oil lamps or candles to symbolize the victory of light over darkness. Fireworks are also a major part of the celebrations.

But this year, the epidemic turns some celebrations in India, especially in the capital, New Delhi, which has witnessed a renewed escalation in Coronavirus infections in recent weeks, with more new cases recorded than any other Indian state.

Today, many temples across the country broadcast prayer sessions online to avoid large gatherings. In New Delhi, anxious residents have opted for low-key celebrations. Some even stayed at home and did not visit friends or relatives.

In an effort to encourage people to stay home, New Delhi’s prime minister, Arvind Kejriwal, and some of his ministers held a prayer ceremony at a large temple. The prayer was broadcast on television and social media.

Mr Kejriwal said last week that the epidemic is spreading rapidly in the capital due to rising air pollution. He appealed to people not to set off fireworks on Diwali, in hopes of mitigating the harmful effect of the toxic air on those who are most vulnerable during the pandemic. Fireworks often cause spikes in pollution, the notorious New Delhi.

The relationship between air pollution and the exacerbation of Covid-19 cases remains mostly theoretical at this time. But many researchers said that in addition to factors such as wearing masks, social distancing, population density and temperature, polluted air should also be considered a major component of the coronavirus outbreak.

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Here’s a look at the trajectory of the epidemic since January:

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Scotland has recorded another 36 deaths from the Corona virus and 1,118 new cases

Scotland recorded 36 new coronavirus deaths and 1,118 new cases overnight.

A total of 22,166 tests were taken in the past 24 hours, and the test positive rate was 5.8 percent.

The Scottish government said there are 1,198 people in hospital with recently confirmed coronavirus and 92 in intensive care as of today.

Of the newly confirmed cases, 400 were in the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde District, 218 in NHS Lanarkshire and 120 were in the NHS Lothian.

Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister John Sweeney warned that “more dramatic measures” may be needed to curb the spread of the virus in parts of Scotland.

The Scottish government has contacted local authorities in the Greater Glasgow and Lanarkshire regions regarding a possible transition from Level 3 to Level 4 – the highest level of restrictions.

Speaking yesterday, Mr. Sweeney said: “The difficult issue that we have to look at about some Level 3 areas is the question of whether we believe that Level 3 constraints are having a sufficient effect, and that the numbers are so high in some of these areas the question poses maybe these level constraints. 3 not doing enough to suppress the virus.

“This is the issue that is being considered over the weekend. We have to make sure that we take all necessary measures.”

He added: “The government wants to avoid it if we can do so, but it is definitely under active study due to the spread of the virus and the fact that we do not see virus levels drop as sharply and decisively as we need.”


Saint Nick urged to “ wash hands regularly and wear a face mask ”

The Dutch celebrate what they call Sinterklaas on December 5 by giving gifts to children, but the saint arrives – as legend has it – in the country weeks before in what is usually a nationwide party.

A nationwide televised arrival ceremony began today, without the usual crowds of thousands of children and their parents, amid a partial lockdown in the Netherlands aimed at curbing coronavirus infections.

Other towns and cities were holding events online, and at least one town organized a car celebration where kids could see Sinterklaas away from the car’s social safety.

In neighboring Belgium, the saint’s official welcome has also been banned in the coastal city of Antwerp, although the government said in a tongue-in-cheek speech that he would not have to quarantine after arriving in Belgium from Spain, where he lives, and would be able to walk on rooftops to cast Gifts are in the chimneys even during curfew hours.

However, Belgian government ministers warned Saint Nicholas to “always respect spacing, wash hands regularly, and wear a face mask”, despite his long white beard.

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Here are the most recent figures for Northern Ireland

The country’s Ministry of Health said 10 more people with Covid-19 have died in Northern Ireland.

The death toll recorded by the department reached 846.

Also, 511 confirmed cases of the virus were recorded during the past 24 hours.

A total of 46,359 people have tested positive for Covid-19 in Northern Ireland since the pandemic began.


Wells reported nearly 1,000 new infections overnight

Here are the latest figures for the country, as the number of deaths from the Corona virus rose to 20 and 933 more cases were confirmed overnight:


After an eventful year, including his own Covid fight, Prince Charles celebrates his birthday in style …

The Prince of Wales received the best wishes as he celebrated his 72nd birthday.

The official accounts of the Prince and Duchess of Cornwall shared on Twitter and Instagram the photo to celebrate the occasion, with the prince photographed smiling in front of the camera.

“Thank you for all the best wishes on the occasion of the Prince of Wales’ 72nd birthday!” Read caption.


The gym owner faces a £ 67,000 fine for refusing to close during lockdown

A north London gym owner faces a £ 67,000 fine from his local council after refusing to close during the second national lockdown.

Andreas Michele, 34, said he finally closed the Zone Gym in Wood Green on Wednesday after police prevented agents from entering his premises.

The Haringey Council, which has repeatedly issued fines against it, seeks a lockdown order through the courts it intends to enforce.


Rowling: The Ickabog release gave me a sense of purpose while locked down

JK Rowling said her writing The Ickabog during the pandemic gave her a “sense of purpose” because she worries about the impact of the coronavirus on families.

The Harry Potter author told BBC Radio 2 that she was the inspiration for the children’s book release because she believes “how difficult it will be for families with children.”

She said it was “a terrible year for everyone.”

As she discusses her book, she added, “It gave me a special sense of purpose to think, ‘This can help, this can do something’ because I’m married to a doctor, which makes you feel inadequate when a pandemic spreads on.

“Watching the people in my family who are the main workers go out there and face everything, and at the same time I was very proud of everyone but I was worried about them.

Rowling said she was fully aware of the challenges some families face.

“I just know how difficult it is for families with young children and especially people who don’t have gardens.

“It’s really intense, and taking care of the little ones, if they can’t play on dates.

I was just thinking, ‘This is going to be very difficult for people,’ and that’s when I thought I could do something. ”

She added, “It gave me something under lockout that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. It was so inspiring.”

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