OFFO Objazdowe 2021 is a retrospective exhibition presenting one work per co-author at the 9th Polish Festival of Lensless Photography.

The exhibition will feature work by more than 80 artists from 15 countries, incl. Poland, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Sweden, Netherlands and USA.

The exhibition will open on April 7 at 20:00


The exhibition will run from 7 to 28 April.

Entry to the exhibition PLN 5 (free entry with the purchase of a ticket to visit Rzeszów Cellars).

All the images presented in the gallery are made with pinhole photography, one of the oldest techniques of photography using the prototype camera – the camera obscura. This device is often created by the artists themselves, even from a box or can. One of the elements is always a small hole through which rays of light fall.


The Polish Festival of Lensless Photography OFFO is a regular (biennial) event that has no equal in the Polish photographic environment and is also well known abroad. OFFO is a festival that brings together artists who use pinhole photography. The organizers are the OFFO Holding Group. The aim of the festival is to show the possibilities offered by perforation technology and present it to the widest possible audience. Festival and post-festival exhibitions have also been shown outside Upper Silesia (including Alwernia, Chojnice, Częstochowa, Jelenia Góra, Stary Sącz, Zielona Góra and Wrocław).
List of OFFO Travelers: Daoud Baziluk, Thomas Belowski, Szczepan Bunalski, Monika Siszczywska, Szimon Dirks, Witold Englender, Adam Felix, Damien Janczyk, Bowie Janczic, Ryszard Karczmarski, Jacob Kaszolar, Krzybignysziczof, Kubazyczillaz, Kubawijczicz Ładygin, Janusz Musiał, NEPROSTI, Magdalena Nowak, Andrzej Pajdziński, Barbara Panek-Sarnowska, Kordian Pawlak, Ryszardosawosski Pawek Tomczyk, Tomasz Warzinski, Piotr Wozzyk, Guillermo Alvarez, Juliá Kará, Kcáá Kará, Antek Davidova, Jochen Dietrich, Arik Golosek, Isabel Gossens, Matthias Hajemans, Lena Kahlberg, Komi Kirchman, Georgia Krawick, K. Lewis, Jeff McConnell, Anna Melnikova, Diana Bankova, Pavel Beus, Torsten Richter, Viktor Senkov, Igo R. Stepanic, Ant Georgy Vinogradov, Rene Funk, Peter Weklund, Kasawiri Vrubel

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