One of the sinister aspects of the next-generation console launches has been the mounting anxiety that’s occurred in Twitter And other social media accounts. There was a lot that happened in his summary, but perhaps the most vivid example is the frequent feeling that PlayStation 5 will only support backward compatibility with 100 PlayStation 4 games A statement that has been clarified many times before He was only put to bed recently.

Ubisoft has published a performance update for next-generation games This week, which produced an interesting albeit repetitive report. In it, the company has confirmed that upcoming games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Immortals Fenyx Rising and Riders Republic will run at 60fps in 4K resolution on Sony’s next-generation console. Except, there was some controversy over the publisher’s wording.

As you can see, the French company has said that its PS5 games will run at ‘4K And the 60 fps “while using” 4K in a 60 fps’ when referring to the Xbox Series X. This sparked intense speculation on social media that the games would offer options on Sony – 4K or 60 fps, effectively – instead of doing both at the same time. I ended up reposting one fan account on Xbox thousands of times:

Embarrassingly, Ubisoft has now edited its blog postReplacing the original format with “4K.” in a 60fps’ for the PS5 too. So, with all that cleared up, we’re curious to see what the next nonsense story that’s blowing up on social media. Suggestions will be gratefully received on a postcard at Pay Square Towers.

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