British Advertising Standards Agency I decided to block the airing of two Land Rover commercials that appeared earlier this year. The decision is the result of complaints from viewers. According to them, the presented material is misleading and may turn out to be so disastrous.

See some new in ads Land Rover Defenders Proving their field capabilities in exaggerated television conditions. At some point, vehicles reverse toward the edge of a cliff, and systems equipped with parking sensors automatically stop cars before they slide off the cliff. giant cliff. It was this scene that turned into a problem.

For people who are not familiar with current technologies in cars, this may give the impression that the advertised models land Rover They were able to detect and report unexpected falls to the ground behind the vehicle. The producer defends himself, however, that there are shots in the movie that clearly show the stones behind the SUV. Parking sensors respond to these rocks. The company also confirmed that it is now He has no technologyIt is able to warn that there is an “empty space” behind the car.

Although the presence of stones is confirmed in the video Advertising Standards AgencyHowever, I decided to suspend the ads. According to experts, the above-mentioned rocks are insufficiently visible, and the interpretation of this piece may vary.

land Rover He promised to comply with the ruling, but emphasized that he was deeply disappointed with the agency’s decision. According to the product, the technology used is shown in the above part of the ad In line with your assumptions.

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