Music channels MTV Classic and MTV Base will disappear in the UK. They will be replaced by other items from the broadcaster’s portfolio: MTV 80s and MTV 90s. These are the brands that were introduced in Poland several months ago. What content can be found in these novelties programs? Where will it be shown in the UK?

MTV Classic and MTV Base music channels will be changed to MTV 90s and 80s in the UK

MTV Changes continue in its channel base. Stations have proliferated in recent years MTV 80s And the MTV 90s Go to new markets. This time they will run In Great Britain and IrelandWhere they will replace those that have been broadcast so far MTV Classic And the MTV Base. Changes are coming March 31 this year.

In Poland, both new stations will be available from October 2022. Then they appeared in place of the other items that the dispatcher had left out: MTV Rocks And the VH1 Classic. MTV 90s broadcast music videos from the 90s, and MTV 80s – from the 80s.

Two distinct channels disappear from the TV!  They will be replaced by new stations - what will change and where?

MTV in Poland: new channel and logos for all stations

Administration MTV they Viacom CBS This has been reported August 2, 2021 Logos of a number of music channels around the world have changed. In our country four stations have been modernized: MTVAnd the MTV LiveAnd the MTV Club And the MTV Heights. Logos have also changed globally MTV Classic And the MTV Music. Additionally, from the symbol MTV Live Postcard disappeared “high resolution” The channel is still broadcasting in high quality.

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Big changes to MTV!  Brand new channel, updated logos - what will you be able to watch from August?

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