Two asteroids 100 meters wide are set to cross Earth’s orbit within hours of each other in the coming days as another space rock, the size of the Great Pyramid of Ancient Egypt, heads toward our planet.

NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies, which tracks asteroids and comets that will approach Earth, has confirmed that it is monitoring two asteroids due to erupt on Friday, September 25. Both objects are classified as Apollo asteroids that will cross Earth’s orbit as they fly through space.

The first asteroid, named 2020 RO, is estimated to be 130 meters wide. It will fly on September 25 at 00:10 EST at 11.84 km per second.

A second asteroid, called the 2020 SM, is expected to circumnavigate near Earth later that day, at 18.43 kilometers per second. It is estimated that the slightly smaller space rocks reach 100 meters in diameter.

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Although both asteroids are classified as Near-Earth Objects (NEOs), they are expected to sail safely across our planet, despite coming into contact with their orbit. Both were discovered this year.

On September 29, a 200-meter-wide giant asteroid will silently pass the Earth at a distance of about 1.78 million miles. The huge visitor compares in size to the Great Pyramid of Giza in ancient Egypt.

The interesting wave of asteroid activity comes on the heels of the discovery by an amateur astronomer in Brazil of a large asteroid that somehow surpassed the defenses of Earth’s major planets last month.

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The discovery was a reminder to the world’s space agencies that there are still many asteroids that have yet to be discovered.

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