If the House passes the lex TVN Act, an amendment to the Broadcasting Act, the American-owned TVN station will not receive a license. Regulations PiS would like to introduce ban companies from outside the European Union from controlling TV stations operating in Poland on the basis of a KRRiT license.

The People’s Parliament is informally informed that the Presidium of the ruling party’s Political Committee decided to vote on the draft amendment to the broadcasting law on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, as we read on the pages next.gazeta.plAt the end of last year, KRRiT did not extend the license of the ATM Entertainment channel. reason? Failure to submit the franchise application in a timely manner. ATM Grupa, the owner of the channel, claimed that such a request was made. The company made another request, but the National Broadcasting Council refused to start proceedings to “close the case” in December.

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On February 25, ATM Entertainment ended the broadcast. ATM Grupa went to court. She filed a complaint with the Regional Administrative Court in Warsaw, accusing the National Broadcasting Council of failing to apply for an extension of the license.

The court accepted the grievance against the decision of the President of the National Broadcasting Council to return the deadline for submitting a request to extend the license for the next period after the existing license expires. This means that the company may apply for the restoration of the concession – informs next.gazeta.pl. The verdict is not final and the National Broadcasting Council may appeal, but it has not reported such steps so far.

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TVN’s problems are certainly worried by other private stations, which are also waiting for the license, such as Kino Polska Muzyka (the license expires in December of this year). Next year, the license application must be submitted by TVN 7.