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Canines enjoy the night in Croatia

Donald Tusk vacations in Dubrovnik with his wife Majorzata, son Micha and grandchildren. A few days after his return to Polish politics, the leader of the Labor Party announced that he needed a break. Now she is enjoying a short break while enjoying the charm of the city and dining in an exclusive restaurant. He was seen with his family in downtown food gardens. We got to the place menu, the prices are amazing!

For several days, the Tusk family has been relaxing in Dubrovnik, following the tracks of the series “Games of Thrones” and relax. Donald Tusk skillfully combines political meetings with a family outing. Photojournalists spot Donald Tusk on a family outing through the streets of the Old Town. – As it turned out, the Tuskers are fans of the popular series “Game of Thrones”. They talked about it for a long time – We reported on our informant from Dubrovnik. While walking, some were surprised by Donald Tusk’s semi-formal outfit. A family acclimating to the hot weather, wearing a blue long-sleeved shirt and stylish pants. This mystery was solved by an entry by Donald Tusk himself on Twitter. We have already written that during his stay, the politician managed to meet with the Prime Minister of Croatia, Andrei Plenkovich. They spoke, among other things, about Tusk’s return to Polish politics. Is this how the former prime minister is preparing for a political battle with Jaroslaw Kaczynski?

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But the next evening, Tusk’s vacation was in full swing! Zero form. Full play. This time, we were able to spot the Prime Minister’s family after dark in a Croatian restaurant in the center of Dubrovnik’s old town. Everyone dressed in white sat at the table. What did they ask? …

Donald Tusk with his family at a bar in Croatia. what’s the request?

It turns out that for the family of the former prime minister, the best way to de-stress is to enjoy the night in a Croatian pub. Tuskers enjoyed the flavors of Dalmatia in the moonlight and were bursting with humor.

In a tavern in the heart of the Old Town of Dubrovnik, which they visited, you can enjoy, among other things, mussels and shrimp for 84 PLN, beef in garlic sauce for 106 PLN and various types of wine, including local wine. Pošip white wine costs 194 PLN for 0.75 liters there, another white wine – Krajancic Intrada Pošip – 182 PLN, and a bottle of Gold Prosecco Bottega wines costs 206 PLN.