– In fact, we are dealing with rather dramatic prospects for the Polish economy, for Polish family budgets. The Law and Justice Act inherited the economy in a very stable state, and thus it took some time to bring it to a pre-crash state.

Civic Platform President Donald Tusk said. The inflation rate today has reached its highest level in the twenty-first century. We are back to the level of inflation before our membership in the European Union – he added.

The good situation of Poland

Law and Justice Representative Iona Arendt commented on the Labor leader’s statement. – It’s just the opposite. She said the government is doing well in the current global situation, including the global pandemic crisis.

It is enough to look at investments in the economy, investment expenditures in the economy, how our GDP is growing, and when unemployment is at a record low. This can be seen especially in the context of other EU countries

– She indicated.

tusk times

Iona Arendt also recalled the times of Donald Tusk’s rule. – When he was in power there was a big crisis and then he reached out and said: “This is an international situation, so Poland can’t do anything.” Donald Tusk just came to set fire to Poland, and he evaluated it.

– He left Poland when there was a big crisis, and went to earn money in Brussels. Today he comes wise and accuses the Polish government wrongly. Let him look at what the civil tribune led to in the times when they were in power. Nothing was developing, unemployment, for example in Warmia and Mazury, was huge, made up of double digits. Investments in the economy and the protection of jobs did not begin until law and justice took power. Today young people return from Great Britain and other countries, and do not leave as in the days of the pulpit

– said the representative of law and justice.

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Source: Niezalezna.pl