tusk At the press conference held on Wednesday in Stary Chabów (Mazowieckie Voivodeship) he was asked about government plan Exit hydrocarbons z Russia.

Poland will give up importing coal from Russia?

Firstly – Prime Minister Matthews Moraveki It must finally decide whether Poland wants to abandon the import of coal from Russia. Why rewards yetWhat is clear that the European Union prevents it? This is not true – the European Union does not have regulations mandating whether or not to import coal. This is a decision of the Polish government Tusk’s response.

He noted that for several months “false arguments were invented, to put it mildly, so that one could go on Make money on importing coal from Russia“. As I understand it, only today Prime Minister He announced some decisions in this regard. Better late than never, but why wait so long and tell the truth – said Tusk. It is worth asking who made so much money during those months of delay that the Polish government did not want to ban this import – added.

tusk He was also asked about the offer made by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State Finance Jacek Sassin creation plan National Food Group.

We know what Mr. Sasin is famous for and how cool he is Money lost in connection with his decisions; He is definitely not a thrift master. I would be very afraid of the consequences of this procedure, which is a classic for the public. I would like to remind you that the Law and Justice Act argued from the beginning of its rule that it would support Polish farmers, food producers, refined monopolies, and big-money middlemen. They promised six years, and we’re down where we are – The former prime minister resides. “He keeps his fingers crossed so they can do anything about it,” he added. However, I have no faith – pointed out.

Tusk: When I was prime minister…

When I was prime minister, a Valdemar Pavlac Deputy Prime Minister, he managed to achieve gradual independence from Russian gas. My government was fixing the very costly mistakes the PiS Minister made in the gas negotiations with Russia Wojciech Jasiński – PO leader Donald Tusk said on Wednesday.

TVBinfo asked Tusk during a briefing in Stari Shabu (Mazuki District), “Why did you donate $415 million in 2010?” Gazprom“It’s about time that Tusk was prime minister of the PO-PSL government.

Tusk replied that “this question is extremely unfair and contains such totally unacceptable lying.” My government has fixed the mistakes it made, very costly mistakes, when it came to the gas negotiations with Russia by PiS Minister (Treasury, Wojciech) Jasinsky. For many years, we had to unscrew – and it cost a lot of money, all the Poles – what was modeled next – said Tusk.

He added, “There is a gentleman (deputy from Solidarna Polska) Janusz Kowalskiwho was for a while the deputy minister in charge of these issues also raised a lot of problems.”

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What I was able to achieve during my time as Prime Minister, when Valdemar Pavelac was Deputy Prime Minister, and throughout this period of government, is gradual independence from Russian gas, which is a very good result of arbitration, which established the rules of gas trade with it. Russia is more flexible – said Tusk.

He added that all governments tried to end the idea of ​​the gas station. Only one government built it, and that was mine, and when the PiS came to power after our rule, their great success was naming this gas station. So in terms of gas, it would be good if the law and justice did its work today and be silent when it comes to evaluating our actions, because they have something to be ashamed of – said Tusk.

The Polish liquefied natural gas (LNG) recharging and gasification terminal in winoujcie opened in 2015, and the first gas tanker arrived on 11 December 2015. Since June 2016, the winoujście LNG terminal has been named after President Lech Kaczynski.

Tusk: We will cooperate with the government

Cooperation in Parliament on relevant government projects Poland’s independence from energy imports from Russia PO President Donald Tusk announced on Wednesday. I’ll be critical when they fail, but we’ll help anyway – He announced.

He referred to the government Inhibiting the development of wind energy and delays in implementing the European Union Penal Code. He added that Poland can – on the basis of European Union law – refrain from importing raw materials from Russia for security reasons.

I’ll be critical when they fail, but we’ll help out anyway. Don’t worry: we will cooperate with the government in Parliament – said Tusk in Justolin (Mazowieckie county). I’m just sorry it’s incomprehensible why things are so reluctant – added.

I would prefer the Polish government to stop saying every second sentence about the European Union, that it depends on it, that they are waiting, that they will not agree. – said the chief p. He pointed out that “there is a point in the European treaties related to security.” Today it can be used. Without reference to anyone, immediate decisions can be taken to prevent the import of coal for Poland’s security – Notice. No one in Europe will question this – Canine added.

According to him, “if the Polish government were keen to implement the European law on automatic sanctions, there would be no need to work on the laws today.” In 2014, Europe prepared regulations that not only allow but obligate European countries to implement the sanctions imposed by the European Union. If this had been taken care of a few years ago, the next day, when the Federation decided to impose sanctions, it would be possible to introduce what today requires laws – said the leader of the r.

summoned Examples from Great Britain and Italywhere “night decisions” were made to seize real estate and yachts belonging to Russian oligarch.

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When asked about measures that could be taken earlier to become independent of energy from Russia, he referred to the regulations regarding wind energy. There is no simpler and more dramatic example than the blockage of windmills in Poland – confirmed.

Six years ago, they decided to ban 100% cheaper and cheaper electricity production. Today they think they will go back to the rules that make it easy to produce wind energy, only six years have gone to hell. If we had the European average today when it came to the amount of electricity produced from windmills, we would feel much safer – Notice the tusk.

He added that “in fact, coal flows from Russia to Poland via companies that, by definition, are Associated with Russian oligarchs It is already on the sanctions lists”, and if the government is ready, decisions about the ban can be “made overnight”.

The platform’s head also called for the withdrawal of the sale to the Hungarian Oil Company moth parts of the station lotus Regarding the merger with PKN Orlen. I have a question for the Prime Minister: you don’t want them to make money trading energy resources and crude oil, how can you sell gas stations and Polish refinery assets to Orban, ie MOL? Today, no one has the slightest doubt, and PiS may already have understood who Orbán is working for in Europe. Do you really want to ban Russian companies in Poland? Then MOL does not sell even one can of gasoline, and one distributor – He resumed.

He also called on the government to submit “A complete list of companies in Poland that buy Russian coal”. Perhaps then we will understand why it continues so much; Why does the government keep talking about plans and unable to make decisions – said Tusk.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki on Wednesday announced efforts to stop Poland from importing Russian oil by the end of the year; He expressed the hope that coal imports from Russia could end in May. The European Union also called for a tax on Russian hydrocarbons.

The day before, the government had adopted a bill banning the import of coal from Poland into Russia. Government spokesman Piotr Muller has stated that Poland cannot wait for the EU’s decision, although he understands that blocking coal imports from Russia “may raise legal doubts” and risk action before the European Workers’ Union.

Tusk’s appeal to PiS regarding KPO

I again appeal to the government to release the European money that is waiting for us as soon as possible – Confirmed on Wednesday tusk. He noted that the fate of all Polish families will largely depend on how Polish farmers are helped this year.

We are all aware of the conditions in which people live and work today. Here, for a Polish farmer, the case is, for example industrial fertilizers very basic – said the head of the civil forum.

Also drew attention to Very disturbing predictions Rising bread prices, for example. These very alarming predictions that bread – and instead of cheaper – may cost up to 10 PLN at the end of this year, raise the hair on the head, because we understand what this means for Polish and Polish women everywhere, without exception. – Tusk emphasized.

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And for this reason I would like from this place to appeal fervently, once again, to all those responsible today, not only for agricultural policy, but in general to the governments of Poland, to take this money from Europe, all the money that awaits us there as soon as possible. There is no explanation that in many cases the PiS government is doing its best to get this money out of Poland – Notice the head of the mailbox.

He referred to the sanctions paid by Poland “The Mistakes of Minister of Justice Zbigniew Ziobro” in the administration of justice. Think about it, a million euros a day for such subsidies for synthetic fertilizers. How many farms of this size can be supported in Poland, if this decision is taken at least daily by the PiS government, a decision related to the rule of law – said Tusk.

That is why I make a heartfelt plea – I will repeat it again – that we are ready to help with everything when it comes to Poland’s activities in the European Union for the benefit of Poles, Polish farmers and Polish families. – Notice the PO leader.

I am also available. We will do our best to help, but take this step for God’s sake, we are talking here about billions, tens of billions, hundreds of billions of zlotys, which were supposed to work here for a long time in Poland, on Polish soil – Canine added.

The conflict between Poland and the European Union

CJEU On July 14, 2021, obliged Poland to immediately suspend the application of provisions relating to the powers Disciplinary Chamber of the Supreme Court In matters, among other things, the lifting of immunities for judges. At the end of October last year, CJEU informed that Poland was obligated to pay the European Commission A fine of 1 million euros a day for not following his decision.

President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen Determined at the end of October last year. clause in polish KPO It included the Polish government’s obligation to liquidate the disciplinary chamber of the Supreme Court.

All member states had to prepare national reconstruction plans in order to receive funds from the European Union’s Reconstruction Fund. Poland submitted its plan to the European Commission last year, but it has not yet been approved. Of the cohesion policy budget for the period 2021-2027, Poland has about 76 billion euros at its disposal. From the KPO, which aims to support the economy after the pandemic, Poland has applied for 23.9 billion euros available under grants and 11.5 billion euros from the loan portion.