turkey He wants to be an arbiter in regulating exports cereal Of the Ukrainian seaports that are still closed by the Russian Navy, Vahit Kresky told the newspaper on Tuesday “Yeni ShafakA meeting on this subject will be held on Wednesday in Ankara, and as we read in the Turkish newspaper, representatives of Turkey will participate in it. UkraineAnd the Russia and the United Nations. Bloomberg Agency He adds that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has already arrived in Ankara.

Russia closes Ukrainian ports. Turkey wants to help create a ‘grain corridor’

Turkey’s Agriculture and Forestry Minister said Ukraine had entered into an agreement with Turkey to sell grain at a 25% discount. – However, they have a dilemma regarding the safe export of goods. They want Turkey to rule. Fahit Krishi told Yeni Şafak that both Russia and Ukraine trust us only.

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Politician He assured Ukraine that Russia would not attack after the “grain corridor” was established. As Turkey, we say to Ukraine: You can take this away foodHe stressed that Russia will not attack you once the corridor is opened.

Cereals from Ukraine. Unofficial: There is a preliminary agreement between Turkey and Russia

– We told Russia: Do not attack until the food is delivered. Keep your word. Ukraine will take the goods because the world needs it. He added that we are trying to be a bridge between the two countries. Fahit Kresky also stressed that the grain export meeting would be “fact-finding talks”.

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In turn, the head of the Prime Minister’s Chancellery, Mikhail Dorchik, announced on Wednesday in Poland radio 24 on it the border The Polish-Ukrainian team will meet today with a team that is discussing the possibilities of increasing the capacity of the border crossings for Ukrainian grain. The main objective is to enable Ukraine to export through Polish ports.

Russian President Vladimir PutinPutin sows propaganda on grain. He says Russia does not block exports

Russia destroyed the second largest grain terminal in Ukraine. “Contributes to the global food crisis”

The head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell, announced Tuesday that the Russians had destroyed Ukraine’s second largest grain terminal in Nikolaev. “Another Russian missile attack is contributing to the global food crisis,” he wrote. He added that in light of this news, the misinformation being spread by Russian President Vladimir Putin is becoming more pessimistic.

Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelensky, said on Monday that there are between 22 and 25 million tons of grain in Ukraine, and that this amount could rise to 75 million tons by the fall. He noted that anti-ship weapons systems are the best guarantee for opening export corridors. The Ukrainian leader called for a larger and faster supply of weapons from the West.

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