Turkey’s Duvar portal reported Thursday that Turkey’s Broadcasting Supreme Council (RTUK) has fined Netflix streaming platform and called on it to remove Spanish TV series “More, More Fun” for its promotion of homosexuality, incest and swing in violation of moral principles.

Two broadcasters critical of the government – TELE1 and Halk TV – as well as another broadcasting platform were also fined for insulting religious values ​​and described Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as a dictator.

Okan Konuralp, representative of the opposition CHP in RTUK, defended the words of the party’s deputy, Engin Altay, broadcast on the pages of TELE1, who described Erdogan as a dictator. He stressed that the penalty for his statement is an attack on freedom of expression and parliamentary immunity.

Former world chess champion sues Netflix

In September, Georgian woman Nonna Gabrindashvili, a former world chess champion, sued Netflix accusing the platform of sexism.

The woman demanded damages of at least $5 million from the defamation platform. It’s all about the incorrect words about her that appear in the Netflix series “Queen’s Gambit”.

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Lawyers for the 80-year-old elder lady said the claim that Gabrindashvili “never competed with men” in the “Queen’s Gambit” is “sexist and insulting,” Reuters writes.

The lawsuit stated that the events of 1968 appeared in the last episode of the series, then Gabrindashvili had already fought more than 50 matches with the men behind her.

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