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The city will finance the tunnel project under the Eastern Railway Station, and PKP PLK will include this project in the documentation for the reconstruction of Warszawa Wschodnia station. An agreement on the matter has just been signed, the city council reported on Monday.

Connection of a new road and tunnel along the scheme ul. The Millennium is badly needed (under the track system of the Warsaw and Chodnya railway station). The railway infrastructure is a spatial barrier in the Praga region and every new connection in the transport system in this part of Warsaw is important. In addition, functional transformations of the areas around the eastern railway station area will lead to increased traffic in this area. This was evidenced by the predictions made as part of the work on a new study of the conditions and trends of spatial development.

East Warsaw itself is set to eventually be the most important transport junction on the right-hand side of the Vistula, integrating long-distance and suburban rail, metro, tram, city buses and transport buses of supra-regional importance, while ensuring adequate conditions for pedestrian and bicycle traffic. The vision for this intersection is currently being developed at the request of the Public Transport Authority – the study is co-financed by the European Union under the CEF framework.

Part of a larger concept

The modernization of the Trans-City Line and the planned comprehensive reconstruction of the Warsaw and Chodnya station is the only appropriate moment for the parallel implementation of the planning of a new street and a tunnel crossing. The essence of the agreement just signed is to obtain consistent construction documents that include all solutions necessary for the parallel implementation of the road investment as part of the railway investment – this applies, among other things, to the removal of any necessary collisions.

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The project is part of the new concept for the development of Tysiąclecia Road, which will connect Praga-Północ with Praga-Południe, and public consultations on this project ended on May 15. For years, it was planned to build a wide road that was never built. At that time the needs of the city changed. The capital is now making a proposal to use the former reserve of the Tysiąclecia Road in the section from al. Solidarnoci to ul. Grushowska. The area better suits the requirements of a modern and greener city and the needs of its residents. Warsaw is moving away from building wide streets directly under the windows of apartment houses. It transforms it into local links and walking and cycling trails, integrated into greenery and high-quality public spaces.

The city wants to implement new solutions in the field of mobility. She plans to connect the entire area with a series of bike paths, creating many pedestrian-friendly places. Local roads for vehicular traffic and a tramway will be established. A whole system of new interconnected squares and squares as well as solutions for micro-architecture have been proposed.

The concept of the tunnel cross-section assumes the presence of a one-lane street in each direction (additional lanes will appear within the intersections with Kigovska and Shubniza Streets). On the west side of the street – near the Wschodni railway station – there will be a place for a tram line and a station located in front of the entrance to the tunnel with direct entrances to the suburban piers (6 and 7). Such a stop position means that tram riders interested in switching to a train will not have to cross the road. There will be sidewalks and bike paths on both sides of the design.

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