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There are a lot of feelings in the world of Warsaw. The head of the capital, Rafai Trzaskowski, excelled in the United States for a week. Every day he was talking on social networks with whom he met, with whom he shook hands, and took a selfie with her. What will be the result of this foreign trip of the President of Warsaw to the inhabitants of the capital? What did the inhabitants of Śródmieście live with? One of the most terrible scandals of recent years was sentenced in the District Court in the capital, Warsaw. All this in the latest Isabella Kragh of the series “Country around Warsaw”.

In my weekly columns, I usually bring up topics that have aroused a lot of emotion in recent days in Warsaw, that have been used by the media in the capital or that have particularly affected the population in recent days. This week, in my opinion, there were two such topics – The visit of the President of Warsaw, Rafai Trzaskovsky, to the United States and the court ruling regarding one of the most outrageous scandals of recent years in the heart of Warsawassociated with Śródmiejska Spółdzielnia Mieszkaniowa.

Hence the title was a bit offensive, which I should probably apologize for a bit. After all, President Trzaskovsky had no influence on the scandal in the cooperative, not to mention the court ruling – he neither had nor could have. It was just that both things coincided and the topics in my column coincide.

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One of the stars of the Warsaw Bar – Judge Marek Selig – For more than two years, he has been studying frauds in one of the capital’s richest and largest cooperatives. An indictment covering a thousand pages and dozens of charges was issued to him. There were 9 people on the dock – the former president of the downtown cooperative, board members (including a former TV presenter), an accountant and a successful lawyer. Rule out almost everyone!

And in justification of the verdict (which we write about on the first page of the Warsaw Appendix), he did not hide his horror at what you have been shamelessly doing for years! They set up a private farm outside the cooperative. The chief gave a few select discounts on apartment payments lightly, paid himself high bonuses, made independent decisions unfavorable to the members of the co-op, and finally owed her tens of millions, so that she was still in bankruptcy. She also defended her chair until she fell, occupying the desk. In the end she had to give up.

Also shockingly, she was helped by a lawyer (a well-known lawyer who runs his own law firm). Instead of sticking to the law, he used his advice himself. The judge even called him “Cardinal Richelieu,” the gray grace of the Co-operative Court. Will he continue in his profession? Will the residents of the co-operatives see the return of the millions led by bad governments?

They can wait years for judgments to be validated and even longer to enforce the dues.

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Housing cooperatives, unfortunately, are states within a state. It is time for the rulers to clarify the regulations so that the members of each community have a real influence on what happens in the co-operative authorities.

AA ‘on power…

President Rafai Trzaskovsky has distinguished himself in the United States over the past week. It has been a long time since he had many meetings with important personalities on the international scene. This is perhaps the most important foreign trip of the entire Trzaskowski period. Every day the president would talk on social media about his whereabouts – it was with representatives of the US Congress, it was in universities or in the offices of businessmen. Smiling, relaxed (although he is in a suit, then with a backpack on his shoulder), funny (the photos show the participants amused in the discussion). What will be the result of this visit of the President of Warsaw to the United States for residents? We’ll see when we get back.

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Isabella Garage
Author: Sebastian Wielechowski / Super Express
Isabella Garage, Super Express

Trzaskowski brilliant in the United States, such a scandal in Warsaw
Author: Sebastian Wielechowski / Super Express, Facebook