Trump impeachment

Six Republicans have joined the Democrats, including Senator From Alaskan Polish origin Lisa Murkowski. Republican opponents Isolation They argued that since Trump is no longer in office as president, the impeachment process would be unconstitutional.

The vote was preceded by speeches by Democratic members of Congress from the US House of Representatives who act as prosecutors at the trial, so-called impeachment directors. After them, lawyers from the former defense team spoke President.

Presidents cannot start an uprising in recent weeks and then leave as if nothing had happened – He said, among other things, Democrat Joe Nigues remembers it was the time of the January 6 attack on the Capitol.

Like all of you, I was evacuated when an aggressive mob attacked the Capitol gates. What we lived on that day, what we lived on that day, what our country lived on that day, is the framers’ worst nightmare, a nightmare that has come true. Neguse argued.

He cited the views of both the United States’ founding fathers and experts in constitutional law to justify the legality of the impeachment.

Attorney General David N. Ceciline to Tweets short On the day the crowd stormed the Congress building.

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The President of the United States sided with the rebels. (…) He told them: + You will remember this day forever + After a few hours of walking in these rooms, they want to kill Vice President Pence, the Speaker of the House of Representatives (the House of Representatives), and any of us may come across them Ceclin said.

Another speaker, Jimmy Ruskin, spoke on a personal note, emphasizing that during the January 6 attack, his daughter and son-in-law were in the Congress building and he was unable to reach. He spoke of storming doors, torture and ill-treatment by the Capitol Police.

Senators, this cannot be our future. (…) This cannot be the future of America – Resume.

Trump’s advocates argue that he should not go through the impeachment process, as he is no longer a member of the White House. They also indicated right For freedom of expression.

Bruce L Castor Jr. admitted Trump lost elections. In his view, however, the former president should not be punished for “giving a political speech” in which he did not incite the uprising.

President Trump is nothing more. (…) The purpose of the constitution has been fulfilled. Voters downloaded it. (…) If people commit outlaw acts as a result of their beliefs and cross the boundaries, then they should be deprived of their freedom – He confirmed.

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Trump’s attorney David Schwen accused the impeachment directors of using purely partisan rhetoric to further divide the country as well as engaging in some kind of “bloody sport”. Show recordings Video In which Democrats have called for Trump to be impeached for years.

This process will tear the country apart, perhaps as we have seen only once in our history – The opponents accused referring to the Civil War of 1861-1865.

The procedures for impeaching the former president will continue on Wednesday from noon local time.