The outgoing president, who has yet to abdicate to Biden after weeks of calling the news networks to the post of Democratic former vice president, dusted off his ridiculous claims as Fox News anchor Maria Bartiromo sat without objection in a phone interview on Sunday.

Mr. Trump claimed, without providing any evidence, that some states allowed voters to vote after Election Day; The vote counting machines were rigged in Biden’s favor. Even the FBI, the Department of Justice, and the federal court system were complicit in an attempt to cover up election fraud.

None of these claims are true. Even the president’s own campaign legal team has never claimed fraud in court because they know there is no case.

However, Mr. Trump again claimed unfounded that the 2020 elections were “rigged” against him, just minutes after senior Republican Senator Roy Blunt of Missouri. Admit it to another network, CNN, the election was actually not rigged.

These elections were rigged. “This election was a total fraud,” Mr. Trump said.

Media networks called for Biden’s presidential race a few weeks ago. And despite the president’s claim on Sunday that many world leaders have called him to tell him, “This is the messiest election we’ve ever seen,” Biden received calls from nearly every US ally congratulating him on his election victory. On the other hand, the Trump administration did not release any reading of the phone calls as world leaders offered such congratulations.

The President said, “I wanted to bring one suit – Donald J Trump, President of the United States against… you know,” unable to identify the defendant in such a lawsuit.

“Put everything in one simple suit. And they say, ‘Sir, you have no standing. I say,’ I have no place? President of the United States – I do not have standing? What kind of court system is this? ‘” Mr. Trump said.

Lamenting the limits of executive authority, Mr. Trump also lamented that the FBI and its Department of Justice are not doing more to prosecute allegations of corruption in the election.

All the while, Mrs. Bartiromo encouraged him to persevere.

Where are the Department of Justice and the FBI in all this, Mr. President? I have brought some serious charges here. Shouldn’t that be something the FBI is investigating? Are they? “She said.

Mr. Trump replied: “Missing in action. I can’t tell you where they are.”

The outgoing president then admitted that he asked the advisers whether these law enforcement organizations were upholding his advantages in terms of nullifying the election results.

“I ask,” Are they looking at him? “Everyone says, ‘Yes, they’re looking at him,'” he said in a desperate voice.

The intelligence community works precisely the way it does so that presidents cannot subordinate agencies to their political will the way Mr. Trump has tried to do for the past four years.

“The FBI is cool at the levels we’re talking about, but just me – it’s unimaginable. You might think that if you’re in the FBI or the Department of Justice, that’s the biggest thing you can look for,” he said of the election fraud allegations.

“Where are they? I haven’t seen anything. I mean, just me – they keep moving forward, they go on to the next president,” Mr. Trump said.

The outgoing president’s speech had a major impact on the way Americans view democracy in their country.

Partheromo cited a Reuters poll that showed more than two out of three registered Republicans believe the 2020 election has suffered from widespread voter fraud.

But Mr. Trump has only repeated the lie that the judges are preventing him from providing evidence. They have, in fact, called on the Trump campaign to present evidence and make specific allegations of voter fraud repeatedly, but the campaign refused.

“We’re trying to present evidence and the judges won’t let us do that,” Mr. Trump said. “They were trying.”

The president’s ongoing crusade to advance conspiracy theories about election fraud has jeopardized Republican efforts to keep the Senate out.

One of Purdue or Mrs. Loeffler must win for the Republican party to maintain its majority in the Senate.

Trump lost to Biden in Peach State with less than 1 percent of the total vote, and I found a recount of the preliminary results.

The president heads to Georgia next Saturday to rally for Purdue and Mrs. Loeffler, but in the meantime, he continues to question whether the vote matters or whether malign actors in the state are secretly leaning in favor of the Democrats – again, a totally unfounded claim.

Look at the upcoming elections [in Georgia] right Now. Trump said in his Sunday interview that you are using the same garbage machine, Dominion, repeating a false claim that the counting machine company Dominion Voting Systems had rejected votes in his favor in the 2020 presidential race.