Donald Trump He sparked confusion after announcing three times on Twitter that there would be a “big press conference” held at the office of a small landscaping company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

“Lawyers’ press conference in Four Seasons, Philadelphia. 11:00 a.m.” The US president initially tweeted late on Saturday morning, apparently referring to the four-star hotel downtown.

But Mr. Trump quickly corrected his mistake, following the first tweet by writing “Four Seasons Landscape!” Then another read: “Big press conference today in Philadelphia at Four Seasons Total Landscaping – 11:30 AM!”

Minutes later, he sent a fourth tweet saying, “Lawyer press conference at Four Seasons Landscape, Philadelphia. Enjoy!”

An internet search shows that Four Seasons Total Landscaping is a local landscaping company in the Philadelphia suburbs that was founded in 1992.

It’s not clear why the Trump campaign is holding a press conference there, but it comes amid efforts by Mr Trump and his supporters to discredit an election he is about to lose to Joe Biden.

In Pennsylvania, the final state election count has yet to be announced due to delays in counting votes following an increase in mail-order polling amid the coronavirus pandemic.

If the Democratic nominee, Mr. Biden, won the state – as expected – he would have won more than the 270 electoral seats needed to win the presidency.

“I just arrived at the site of the great press conference announced by President Trump,” Mark Stone wrote in a tweet to Sky News.

“A somewhat surreal location … not a Four Seasons hotel but a landscaping firm in an industrial estate on the edge of Philadelphia.”

Jeremy Robock, a correspondent for the Philadelphia Inquirer, tweeted: “There is a big difference between where it was first announced which was the Four Seasons Hotel in Center City and what they quickly changed to …. this similarly named building in the Northeast.”

Shortly after the press conference was announced, Mr. Trump falsely tweeted: “You won this election, too much!”

In fact, Mr Trump appears almost certain to lose the election, and will have lost the popular vote by more than 4 million votes once the count ends.