Donald Trump continues to make unfounded allegations of “rigging” the elections rather than accepting his defeat to Joe Biden, putting “fake” opinion polls and “lame” media out on Twitter and even attacking Dominion, the company whose software powers the voting machines around us.

The president has yet to provide any meaningful evidence to support his claims, and according to informed sources, he is already considering his career after the White House and is planning to launch a new right-wing news channel as part of an attempt to “destroy” Fox in retaliation for insufficient loyalty to his cause.

As Mr. Trump continues to undermine democratic values ​​and institutions, and Biden is quietly preparing for power, the United States once again broke its record for new coronavirus cases on Wednesday, with at least 140,543 cases recorded in one day, according to Johns Hopkins University.


Schumer urges Senate Republicans to ignore Trump and drop ‘pitiful political performance’

The president followed his previous tweet in which he attacked Fox with several random followers attacking the network or expressing a preference for OANN or Newsmax.

Here are some examples of selection:

Meanwhile, the top Democrat in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, accused Republicans of “political performance” and a “tantrum” fueled by their collective “fear” of Trump that led them to join him in not admitting that he appears to have lost the election. .

“Stop denying the truth,” Schumer told reporters on Thursday.

“The elections are not in doubt. This is nothing more than a Republican outrage, nothing more than a pitiful political performance by one audience: Donald John Trump.”

Here’s House Speaker Nancy Pelosi taking a similar stance at her weekly press conference.

John T Bennett has the latest news.

Joe SomeraldNovember 12, 2020 15:57


The United Nations is “confident” in the Biden administration after Trump

UNRWA supports 5.7 million Palestinian refugees across Gaza, the occupied West Bank, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria

However, the Trump administration was responsible for cutting the UNRWA budget by a third in 2018, and the president described it as an “irreparable flawed process.”

Gino SpokiaNovember 12, 2020 15:00


Trump posts a tweet mocking Fox News and Biden

After reports of Donald Trump’s plans to “destroy” Fox News with his streaming rival, the US president shared this post on Twitter on Thursday, apparently mocking the conservative cable channel and Joe Biden, the president-elect.

The tweet, originally posted by a pro-Trump attorney, indicated that Fox News’ ratings were below Biden’s school score.

It [not] Presidential speech …

Gino SpokiaNovember 12, 2020 15:27


Mike DeWine: I don’t know the merits of Trump’s lawsuits

In an interview with CNN Thursday morning, the Republican governor of Ohio tried to defend the US President’s legal challenge without any evidence of “fraud” the elections.

However, when asked about the merits of such lawsuits, Governor Mike Dewane appears to have been puzzled by words, to which he replied, “I don’t know.”

“All we need is to take a deep breath. There is a process for all of this. You need to follow the process. We need to push this country forward.”

Mr. DeWine has admitted, at least, that the Democrat is now an elected president, after last week’s vote … which cannot be said about Mr. Trump, and most Republicans in Congress.

Gino SpokiaNovember 12, 2020 14:53


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The White House press secretary forwards the reporter’s question … to the White House

Kylie McNani is here, as she gets questions about the presidential transition currently underway outside the walls of the White House, which she – remember – is her press secretary.

When asked whether it was important for Joe Biden, the president-elect, to receive intelligence briefings, which he was prevented from doing until President Trump and a US government agency recognize him as the winner of last week’s election, Ms. McNani said – it escalated.

The White House press secretary told Fox News, “I haven’t spoken to the president about that … That would be more of a question for the White House.”

Oklahoma Senator James Lankford said on Wednesday he was prepared to intervene before the end of the week if the Trump administration continues to block this part of the transition.

“This has to happen so that regardless of the outcome of the election, and whatever way it is going, people can be prepared for the actual mission,” he told NBR Radio.

Gino SpokiaNovember 12, 2020 14:44


Who are the world leaders who did not congratulate Biden yet?

Well, I can definitely think of one …

Joe SomeraldNovember 12, 2020 14:15


A Republican official said people voted for Republicans, not just Trump

Mark Bronowitz, the Republican attorney general of Arizona, defended the election process in his state against the president’s criticism, saying that people “voted for Republicans on the ballot, but didn’t vote for President Trump.”

Bernovich denied claims by Trump and his campaign team about voter fraud, adding that there was “no evidence” to support such assertion in Arizona.

Namita Singh has a lot of a welcome voice of reason.

Joe SomeraldNovember 12, 2020 14:13


Facebook extends its ban on political ads and refuses to call Biden the winner

While Twitter has been busy censoring most of Trump’s tweets over the past week, his rival has extended his ban on US political ads for another month – but he still refuses to call Joe Biden a winner, she explained in an email to advertisers.

The social media giant said it continues to ban it to prevent disinformation as the president continues to cast doubt on the bottom line and spread misinformation.

“While multiple sources predicted a presidential victory, we still believe it is important to help prevent confusion or abuse on our platform,” the company wrote in the email in question.

They added that despite the temporary hiatus, “it may be an opportunity to resume these announcements soon.”

Joe SomeraldNovember 12, 2020 13:51


Trump is back with more electoral grip

Troll head out of bed and pushes more tired lies.

His accusations against Pennsylvania and Michigan are simply incorrect, and the Georgia recount will not change anything, even if it somehow goes his way.

Also, West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice might be walking with the party line …

… but his Ohio Republican counterpart Mike DeWine is not.

Joe SomeraldNovember 12, 2020 13:39


Can Trump pardon himself?

Graig Graziosi is searching for the answer to this question in uncharted constitutional waters.

Joe SomeraldNovember 12, 2020 12:48