The most profitable will be hit hardest by the worsening energy crisis in the UK. One of its consequences is the supply difficulties caused by the lack of drivers to transport goods to shops, supermarkets, restaurants and any other retail outlets.

These drivers became the protagonists of the press report on the London protest to Britain’s Insulate ecologists. They are asking the UK government to fund the isolation of all social housing by 2025, and then put in place a plan to fund the renovation of all UK homes by 2030.

Green protesters rushed to Junction 31 of the M25 near Thurrock on the north side of the Dartford Crossing, which connects Essex to Kent, as well as a nearby industrial area.

The British Drivers’ Organization has warned that such protests are incredibly dangerous and life-threatening. They said someone might be killed against environmental fanatics and angry drivers who couldn’t do their jobs.

The escalation of the M25 conflict may have come after protesters refused to pass an ambulance. As police action lengthened, drivers decided to drive over protesters lying on the road. Fortunately, this did not happen.

Of the approximately 70 protesters who sat on the highway, half of them were arrested by the police, while the rest returned to the highway after leaving. Angry drivers got out of their cars and forcibly removed the roadblocks. It was not without battles and clashes, after which the protesting environmentalists did not dare to return to their lost positions.

“I really thought somebody was going to get run over, somebody was going to get hurt,” said GB News reporter Alice Porter, who watched drivers pull protesters off the road.

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As this was not the first action by this group of protesters, Prince Charles told the BBC he understood why environmentalists were out on the streets, but warned that road closures could do more harm than good. The heir to the throne said he did not agree with the “destructive” tactics of the group, but understood the “desperation” of its members.

Home Secretary Priti Patel told a Conservative Party conference in Manchester that the proposed changes to the law that Parliament was already going through would ensure that these criminals could be held accountable for the disturbances they cause and that their interference with critical national infrastructure became difficult. a crime.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has criticized protesters at Insulate Britain as perpetrators of irresponsible cruelty, saying the environmental fanatics who have repeatedly blocked highways in recent weeks are doing huge damage to the economy.

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