Google Play Store hasn’t had any luck with Trojans hidden in apps. This time, the famous banking trojan known as TeaBot was available again. The program under which it is hidden has been downloaded by more than 10,000. Android users.

First report the fake app Tom’s guide. program called QR code and barcodeIn addition to the QR code scanner, it was supposed to contain the TeaBot Banking Trojan. The latter, though It is able to capture not only the login data of online banking, email or social networking sites. It is especially dangerous because Capable of capturing authentication codes that act as protection against logging in with stolen passwords.

To hide the true purpose of the application, its creators have dedicated their time to make it a real QR code scanner that will not arouse any suspicion among users. Hundreds of positive reviews prove this, most likely it’s not fabricated, but actually comes from real Android users.

Google Play Store and Trojan at 50k.  phones.  Steals PINs and Passwords

Google Play Store and Trojan at 50k. phones. Steals PINs and Passwords

Although the app is no longer available on the Google Play Store, we still need to be careful and check that the software is not installed on our smartphone. In the latter case, it should be disposed of as soon as possible. Moreover, if we are users of this popular application until now, after uninstalling it, it is necessary to change all the passwords.