The program of the central anniversary celebrations on the East Coast of the United States at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Chistochova in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, included a call to commemorate, laying wreaths in front of the Smolensk Memorial, prayers at the cemetery and Divine Liturgy. .

During the memorial appeal, the victims of Katyn and Smolensk as well as Putin’s crime in Ukraine were commemorated.

Came to Doylestown, among other things, veterans, scouts, and representatives of historical reconstruction groups. Among the speakers were, among others, Consul General of the Republic of Poland in New York, Adrian Kubicki and Defense Attache at the Polish Embassy in Washington, General Krzysztof Nolbert. Compare Katyn and Smolensk with the crimes of President Putin’s regime.

Kubiki recalled the words of President Lech Kaczynski in Tbilisi in 2008. He then warned that after Russia’s attack on Georgia, Ukraine, the Baltic states, and possibly Poland could be the next victims of the aggressor.

The chief organizer of the ceremony, Chairman of the Smolensk Katyn Committee and President of the Polish Newspaper Club in Philadelphia, Tadeusz Antoniak, drew attention to the ancient atrocities of Russia.

Despotic Russia, with its brutality dictated by imperial interests, is destroying independent states and killing innocent people. This was the case during the Tsarist and Stalinist eras and now in Ukraine under Putin.”

– It is detailed.

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Source: PAP,