Polish basketball players won Riga with Belarus 68:56 (17:12, 16:13, 13:16, 22:15) and still have theoretical opportunities to be promoted to EuroBasket. Marisa Kastanek of VBW Arka Gdynia scored the most points, and there were three other players from these clubs on the field. Camila Burkowska made her debut. On Saturday, February 6, the white and red teams will play the rematch. Tri-City’s representation in the men’s team will be less numerous, however, as it was cut in half.

Poland: Kastanek 23, Gajda 15, Adamowicz 11, Kaczmarczyk 7, Telenga 6, Borkowska 2, Sklepowicz 2, Skobel 2, Rembiszewska, Podgórna, Dobrowolska

Belarus: Papova 13, Likhtarovich 11, Verameyenka 8, Hasper 8, Rytsikava 4, Bentley 4, Snytsina 4, Inkina 2, Vasilevich

Belarus – Poland 56:68 – full statistics

Basketball qualifications in relation to the pandemic are underway in so-called bubbles. The International Basketball Federation organizes tournaments in place of the home and away matches for individual teams. Poland was directed to Riga, where Belarus would be its rival twice.

After previously losing two teams to Great Britain (49:77, 63:75), the white and red teams had to win in their first meeting to increase their chance of promotion. And they did. Our team was leading a 33:25 break, which was the biggest contribution Marici Castanic. VBW Basketball player Arki scored 15 points within 20 minutes, and after switching she added another 8 points, which is the most effective in our team.

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Camila Burkowska. Is this a talent like Małgorzata Dydek?

Up to three players from VBW Arka Gdynia played in the top five of the Polish national team: Castanic, Amelia Rembiszewska And 18 years old Camila BurkowskaThat was his debut in the adult team. On the other hand, a friend of the club got off the bench – Camila Podgorna. She was out of the band Julia Nemujiowska (GTK Gdynia) who is awaiting debut.

At the start of the fourth quarter, he became tense, as the Polish woman advantage, which was 11 points (it was, say, 33:22) decreased to 1 point (45:46), but in the crucial minutes. White and red prevailed again.

The rematch will take place with Belarus on Saturday 6 February at 12:30. Earlier, the Belarusians managed to defeat Great Britain 67:57 (14:12, 20:21, 18:18, 15: 6). This result pushed the Polish women to last place on the table, as their opponents scored two wins on their account. In the first match, Belarus defeated Briton 90:59.

These results mean that in order for Poland to take first place in the group, it must win on Saturday with up to 29 points.

The winners will be promoted to the final tournament to be held in France and Spain Nine groups, the first five teams to finish in second place. Since there are groups of four, only the results of teams 1-3 in each group will be taken into account.

Julia Niemojewska hopes to become the main playmaker first for VBW Arka Gdynia, and then with the Polish national team

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Table – Group F:
In a row: matches, wins, losses, small points, points

1. Wielka Brytania 4 2 2 268:269 6
2. Białoruś 3 2 1 213:184 5
3. POLSKA 3 1 2 180:208 4

Basketball players, await the final round of qualifiers for the EuroBasket Championship in Gliwice. Poland will play the world champions – Spain (February 19) and Romania (February 21). Other Group A meetings will also be held in this room: Romania – Israel and Spain – Israel.

The final tournament will be held from September 1 to 18 of next year in four countries: the Czech Republic, Georgia, Italy and Germany. The top three teams from the group will be promoted. Everything seems to be settled, because Romania is the clear outermost party of the Polish group.

Schedule – Group A:
In a row: matches, wins, losses, small points, points

1. Izrael     4  4  0  335:293  8
2. POLSKA 4 2 2 314:283 6
3. Hiszpania 4 2 2 334:287 6
4. Rumunia 4 0 4 236:356 4

Only 2 Tri-City basketball players will be able to introduce themselves to Gliwice. The team of 15 people included: Adam Hrykanyuk (Asseco Arka Gdynia) and Łukasz Kolenda (Trifle Subot).

I remember it in the previous one announced by the coach Mike Taylor Two other players were widely yellow and black: Karol Gruszecki and Dominik Olejniczak. The first in the site of the archer lost the competition, among others with Marcel Bonitka, Including a former basketball player. See Gdynia. The second, however, hrykanyuk retreated.

He was again among those summoned after the break Adam Waczyński, Former Trefl Sopot basketball player.

Polish Basketball National Team for Eurobasket Qualifiers:

Quarterback: Łukasz Kolenda (Trefl Sopot), ukasz Koszarek (Enea Zastal BC Zielona Góra), AJ Slaughter (Herbalife Gran Canaria, Spain)

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thrower: Michel Michelak (Syntainics MBC Weissenfels, Germany), Marcel Bonitka (Parma Perm, Russia)

Low wings: Igor Mili (Ratofarm Ulm, Germany), Jeremy Sushan (Ratofarm Ulm, Germany), Mikay Sokovsky (De Lungi Treviso Basket, Italy), Adam Wasinski (Unicaja Malaga, Spain)

Strong wings: Aaron Sell (Polski Cukier Toruń), Alexander Dzewa (Śląsk Wrocław), Tomasz Gielo (MoraBanc Andorra, Spain)

the middle: Adam Hrikanyuk (Asseco Arka Asseco), Alexander Balcerovsky (Herbalife Gran Canaria, Spain), Damian College (Polski Cocker Torun)