Interior design in Malopolska – what trends will dominate this year? Will it be the colors that were popular last year? Does the arrangement style refer to already known interior design methods, or will he be surprised by something completely new? By getting acquainted with this year’s interior design trends, you can get inspiration and find out what is currently most important to Mopolska.

Nature is getting closer in this year’s trends

After many seasons of exquisite arrangements, dominated by steel and aluminum, accessories and decor elements signify the return of nature. So Malopolska’s interior design focuses on adding more floral and botanical motifs to contemporary spaces.

Thanks to them, the interior will become more comfortable, expressive, and also reflect the personality of its owner. With the help of plants and flower patterns, you can express, for example, how strong the connection one feels with the natural environment. Besides this theme, shades associated with plants are also fashionable. So it is green in various shades – from light bottle, pastel to dark.

A better organized space than before

Interior design in Malopolska is a trend that, among other things, attracts everyone who loves order, logical thinking and an organized lifestyle. These are the features that may come to mind when someone from Lesser Poland invites you to his new and elegant interior. It is likely to show that each area has a specific purpose.

The rooms do not get bigger, but they begin to perform many different functions. So the designer must find a common denominator for these aspects, as evidenced by the better space organization. This can be achieved by arranging the lounge furniture close to each other in a way that creates a cohesive geometric area.

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If you want to separate a specific part of the room, you can also achieve this by using brighter colors, for example on the walls. It is still a better solution to separate the space neatly by using colors and shapes rather than inserting additional elements like screen or partition wall.

Minimalism in interiors continues to grow

The minimalist style in interior design is nothing new. However, this does not mean that it has not evolved over the past seasons. Previously, less was supposed to be more, now it is less comfortable and more comfortable.

Often times you return to your four corners to find a respite and separate yourself from your daily professional duties. Few things mean you can be sure it will be easier to focus and relax whenever you want.

This year, minimalism is coming straight from Japan. The space arranged in this pattern is supposed to bring to mind the emotional version of feng shui, that is, wabi sabi. This philosophy refers to the idea of ​​living in harmony with oneself and with nature. In such arrangements, there are many elements that indicate the natural environment, such as stone or shades associated with the soil and vegetation.

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