The Spanish government has submitted to the European Commission a plan to create transitional zones for migrants in the northern part of Africa. Thanks to them, according to the authorities in Madrid, it will be possible to stop the increasing flow of new arrivals to the southern part of the European Union.

As reported by the 20 Minutos portal, citing sources in the Spanish Ministry of the Interior, The head of the ministry, Fernande Grande-Marlaska, has already presented to the European Commission authorities a plan to create so-called admission zones, or temporary accommodation for Africans heading towards Europe. The politician presented this project on October 8 to the European Commissioner for Home Affairs, Elva Johansson.

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According to this document Transitional areas, where Africans destined for the European Union can stay temporarily, in Algeria and Mauritania. It will work to contain the increasing immigration pressure on the countries of southern Europe.

According to 20 Minutos, the project to create transitional zones also has the support of the authorities of Cyprus, Greece, Italy and Malta.

According to Spanish media, Madrid changed its policy on accepting immigrants after that Storming Ceuta, the North African Spanish enclave, over 12,000 new arrivals from Morocco and sub-Saharan Africa Between 17 and 19 May 2021. This situation occurred with the temporary withdrawal of Rabat (the capital of Morocco) from the border guards.

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The newspaper “The Independent” indicates that the Spanish Ministry of the Interior began mass deportations of newcomers to their countries of origin after this event. The newspaper confirmed that the government of Pedro Sanchez in recent months has chartered passenger ships from private companies to deport illegal immigrants.

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