There are cars that do not please buyers. The leading position here is the Toyota C-HR — at least according to Consumer Reports research. Let’s see what users of this model did not like.

Toyota C-HR is the brand’s bestseller. Everything indicates, however, that it is “one-time”. Customers will be reluctant to return to the showroom for this vehicle – at least the search results indicate this Consumer Reports. This model is the least satisfactory according to the latest version of the CR survey – only 29% of respondents would buy it again.

Where did this result come from? The answer to this question may surprise you.

The Toyota C-HR is trouble-free, but…

Not perfect. In terms of failure rate, it can’t be accused of anything – even if the C-HR collapses and burns, it will go away.

But uptime is only one side of the coin. Users of this car complain about a certain position behind the steering wheel and the lack of very comfortable seats. At the same time, a small fuel tank was placed in their eyes, which forced them to make frequent visits to gas stations. With urban use, this is not a burden, but long trips become a challenge.

Another issue is space. There is no shortage of this, and the trunk is large. Toyota C-HR owners complain about the lack of light in the back of the body (massive pillars, small windows) and the very heavy trunk lid. This is especially annoying for the elderly. Interestingly, Toyota does not offer electrical opening and closing of the fifth door.

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Other cars also underperformed in the US rankings

The Ford EcoSport ranked higher than the Toyota C-HR. This outdated structure surprises not only with its special appearance, but also with a very “peculiar” use of space. Interestingly, the Americans did not get the Puma – the B-crossover division of Ecosport is still there.

Customers were also unhappy with the Infiniti Q50 and Chevrolet Trax. This first model pales in comparison with the competition in terms of modern design, appearance and driving characteristics.

The reason for dissatisfaction in the United States is also due to a group of small jeeps – Renegade and Compass. Up to 46% of respondents will choose these cars again, mainly due to minor malfunctions, limited engine dynamics and high fuel consumption. Even in the United States, this thing is becoming an increasingly important factor influencing the choice of car. High fuel prices are starting to hurt abroad.

The rating closes with the KIA Forte, a car that partially equals our Ceed (but with a sedan body). 49% of respondents would never choose this car again.,