The famous “show” is a thing of the past. Now the sun loungers at all-inclusive resorts are on top. Watch the video that beats popularity records on the web!

Around “check” Almost everything has been written. This phenomenon has been somewhat forgotten and few people come to the seashore at dawn to reserve a part of the beach using windbreaks. A large part of my countrymen finally found them embarrassing. Currently they are “in the foreground” Sunbeds fight in all inclusive resorts.

Tourists fight for sunbeds in hotels [WIDEO]

Hotels open their pool areas at 6 AM. Although there are plenty of sunbeds and places to relax, there may not be enough of them for all guests. So the tourists wake up before the break of dawn and Waiting in a long line to the pool area. Opening the door, thirsty tourists rush to the sunbeds with their feet to take the best spot.

What are the most desirable places? Well, the closest to the hotel pool. As it turned out, most tourists from Great Britain and Ireland specialize in racing on sunbeds.

The movie breaks the record for the popularity of the movie

appeared on the Internet Registration from TenerifeWho breaks records of popularity. It shows tourists who are fighting fiercely for a place to rest. The crowd is “armed” with towels He gathers in front of the entrance to the pool area and immediately after it opens, he begins to run towards the sun loungers.

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Turns out the recording is real hit tik tok. I’ve already seen them 8 million users. Of course, this is neither the first nor the last film of its kind on the Web, because battles on sunbeds have been in the works for a long time in hotels.

Hotels struggle to “grab” sun loungers

Part of the hotels Fights the procedure by removing the towels from the placesin which no one sits for an extended period of time. Others have implemented special applications where you can reserve a specific place in the relaxation area.

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