Kiel, Germany. And on Wednesday evening, a water tornado appeared in the village. Some meteorologists say a hurricane has formed. The violent weather, among others, surprised a group of rowers who worked in the port. Several people were injured, some of them seriously.

On the waterfront in Kiel on Wednesday around 6 p.m., a storm, also known as a water hurricane, pushed many people into the Baltic Sea. Die Welt newspaper online quoted a local police spokesman as saying that seven of those on the waterfront were injured.

Witness accounts

This phenomenon surprised, among other things, a group of rowers who happened to be in the interior of the port. Try to tie two boats to the pier. According to a spokesman for the firefighters – they fell into the water. Some were also injured by objects flying in the wind.

Emergency services provided medical care to the wounded, including four people whose injuries were classified as serious. The wounded were taken to nearby hospitals. The operation to rescue the rowers took about two hours, about 60 people worked there.

– A lot of things just flew. This is amazing [wichura – przyp. red.] We were all hit hard, said an employee of one of the port bars.

– I got into my car and hoped everything would end well. I’ve never experienced anything like this before. Usually such things are seen only on TV – said one of the truck drivers who happened to be in Kiel.

Severe weather phenomenon in Kiel ‘looked like a hurricane’

Michael Bauditz from Germany said: “It boiled, and a powerful explosion threw people into the water. Some suffered when they were hit by the explosion. Based on the photos and videos from the scene, we can assume that it looked like a hurricane.” The weather service said to the German news agency (db).

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Since this afternoon, meteorologists have warned of the possibility of a severe storm in the area. They also did not rule out a gale wind.

Because of the storm in the area, the hands of the firefighters were filled. In Kiel, the roofs of dozens of buildings were destroyed. Fallen trees and broken branches were also removed.


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