What do you listen to, what do you watch on streaming services, what do you go to the cinema and what are the events not to be missed? Check out our list of what’s new for the upcoming month.

Things will happen in October. From the albums of the most famous artists, through the new series and high-profile movie shows, to the concert you have to attend. Here are the top 10 for October.

Music – October 2021

October 1 – Died – Young Machak

Mata – “Young Matchak” – album cover

We start the month with one of the most awaited posts from our Polish backyard. The second studio album will be released on October 1 matsyoung motherNS. The album was already covered double platinum in presale, and the singles from it broke new playback records. More details about the album can be found here.

October 15 – Coldplay – fields music

bad play - "ball music"cover, cover
Coldplay – “Music of the Fields”, OKadka Albumu

bad play He’s back with a new album. Almost two years after its release Everyday life, British formation announced the premiere of their ninth full-length album – fields music. The album is promoted by singles: supreme authorityAnd coloratura And worldwide, Recorded with the most popular k-pop boy group BTS.

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October 29 – Ed Sheeran – =

In October, we will also have a new album of Eda Sheerana. = It is the fourth installment of the Codes albums series. It is scheduled to premiere on October 29. As we read in the press release, The album is the successor to “÷” (Divide) which is an attempt to evaluate one’s life and the people who fill it. On the album, Ed reflects on the different stages of love (“The Joker And The Queen”, “First Times”, “2step”), addresses the loss of a loved one (“Visiting Hours”), and perseverance (“Can”t Stop The Rain”). or fatherhood (“Sandman,” “leave your life”), also focusing on its reality and fame (“the tides”). Musically, “=” is a rich palette of guitar songs and folk ballads for Ed at the highest level, to strong, exhilarating production moments. And the first holiday in her catalog – “Bad Habits”.

Series – October 2021

October 22 Invade, + Apple TV

In October, platform users + Apple TV Will be able to see the new productions of the creators Mars I deadbola. The production process takes place on different continents and will show the invasion of aliens from the perspective of the inhabitants of different parts of the Earth. We will go to an air traffic control center, to the Middle East and areas affected by conflict, to a small American town or cities in the British Isles and to a Japanese city. They were in the cast Shamir Andersonn (bruised, awake), Golshifteh Farhani (Extract, Patterson, Body of Lies), Sam Neal (Jurassic World: Dominion, Peaky Blinders), Firas Nassar (Chaos) And Shiuli Kutsuna (Deadpool 2, abroad). Watch the amazing trailer for the series.

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October 22 PL . office, channel +

The Polish version of the cult series the desk will appear for the first time channel +. Its work takes place in Sidels, at the headquarters of the company dealing in the production of mineral water “Kruplishanka”. They were in the cast Peter Pollack, Vanessa Alexander, Adam Woornovich, Cornelia Strzelica, Mikowaj Machak I Melina Lisica.

Movies – October 2021

October 1 It is not time to die

After 1.5 years of obsession, the latest movie about him James Bond It is not time to die, that Daniel Craig She will end her adventure with this role. same day day HBO GO The document will appear Be like James Bond, sums up the actor’s 15 years of adventure with Agent 007.

October 8 wedding reception

Wojciech Smarzowski back with wedding. It won’t be a sequel or a remake, but an entirely new story. As we read in the description of the plot, the events take place in the year 2021. The bride in the advanced stage of pregnancy is on the wedding carpet, and she has doubts about whether she is doing the right thing. On the other hand, her father faces many problems, because the interest of his life is in the balance.

Anno Domini’s wedding in 2021. A group of lively guests go crazy on the dance floor to the rhythm of disco polo, bridesmaids compete fiercely with each other in competitions, one of them records a video of greetings to a young couple. A wedding like many, but under the guise of enjoyment, there is a bitter truth about us. A bride in advanced pregnancy (Michalina Schapaks), determined to emigrate, watches her husband’s behavior with increasing concern. Her father, a local businessman Rysiek (Robert Więckiewicz), also has more concerns tonight than just confusion about his daughter’s wedding. The interest of life hangs in the balance, and in the background there is not only a lot of money, but also the happiness of loved ones. The situation is also aggravated by the guests invited to the party, and all this is followed by the head of the family Anthony Welk (Rizard Runchowski), who recalls the dramatic events of years ago, when he met his love. life, back. With every minute, feelings grow and the deepest feelings are revived, and the turbulent love stories of old and new lovers permeate each other. Gradually, the boundary between what it used to be and what is now is lost. The mysteries of the past are revealed, zigzagging in the inescapable vortex of evil. Few people get to see more than ‘their’ facts. And if this happens, then it is often hidden – for fear of consequences and exposure. Dawn will find heroes in a different state, emotional state and with a different baggage of experiences. One thing is for sure – everyone will have to deal with this wedding hangover themselves.

October 22 debts

Also, after the numerous turmoil related to the epidemic, a new version will have its cinematic premiere my debts Directed by Denis Vilnovia. This is a new edit Frank Herbert. The action takes place in the very distant future on the desert planet of Arrakis, also known as the sand dunes, which is the only place from which the mixture of colors comes – a valuable substance that not only prolongs life, but also allows interstellar travel and research into the future. She was entrusted to the noble family of Atreides. Prince Leto Atredia, Lady Jessica and their son Paul have arrived in Arrakis. However, the evil Harkonnen family does not intend to abandon the planet so easily to its enemies. The film crew includes among others Timothée Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, Oscar Isaac, Zendaya if Jason Mamwa.

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October 22 French Dispatch

French Letter from Liberty, Kansas Evening Sun – This is the Polish title of the latest work Wessa Anderson. The film presents a collection of stories from the last issue of an American magazine published in a fictional French city in the twentieth century. On the screen we will see a galaxy of stars, including: Benicio del Toro and Adriena Brody’ego. Tildo Swinton, Lea Seydoux, Frances McDorman I Timothy Chalamita.

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Events – October 2021

October 2 – Matta with a new album in Bemowo

musical party mats In the Bemowo district of Warsaw this year will be the only opportunity to hear live material from the rapper’s latest album – Young Machak. It is the best-selling solo concert of Polish rappers.

This time, the audience can expect an unusual and world-class production that has never been seen on Polish theaters before. We want this concert to go down in history not only because of the artist’s performance, but also because of the visual setting and special effects

– Event organizers announced

You can still get tickets for this event from the bonus collection that launched earlier this week.

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