The chief public health expert, Anthony Fauci, said that the United States must prepare for “a lot of harm” in light of the Corona virus pandemic, and predicted that winter would be 100,000 or more cases per day and the death toll would rise.

“We’re in a lot of harm,” Fauci said He told the Washington Post In a harsh interview published Saturday night, three days after Election Day, the White House immediately angered.

“It’s not good. All the stars are aligned in the wrong place as you enter the fall and winter seasons, as the people in the house congregate inside. You couldn’t be worse off.”

More than 9.1 million cases of Covid-19 have been recorded Registered in the United States More than 230,000 people have died. The number of daily cases varies but they agree to set the US on Friday World record number of cases in one day, Between 99,000 and 100,000, with numbers rising in several states, many of which are major election battlefields for control of the White House. On Saturday, Johns Hopkins University mentioned More than 81,000 new cases. There were 862 deaths, down from more than 1,000 the previous day.

Donald Trump, who has recently recovered from the virus himself, continues his campaign for re-election, as he has organized rallies in which mitigation strategies such as wearing masks and social distancing are not considered, and he regularly claims the United States.Rounded angleOn Friday he did a job An unfounded allegation That doctors will be rewarded financially if people die of Covid.

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Rival Joe Biden who He tops most national polls and opinion polls on the battlefield, It organizes fewer events and monitors Covid protocols.

Trump accused Biden of regularly “hiding” He mocked his opponent To wear a mask. On Sunday, campaign counselor Anita Dunn told CNN’s State of the Union that since March, “what Vice President Biden did is why he entered this race, show people what a responsible president does and how a responsible president does.”

Fauci told the Post that Biden “is taking this very seriously from a public health perspective.” He said Trump was “looking at it from a different perspective … the economy and reopening the country.”

“He always puts the well-being of the American people first,” White House spokesman Judd Derry told the Post Trump. President Trump throughout this epidemic, to choose three days before the elections to practice politics. “

In fact, Fauci clashed a lot with Trump, and recently complained about having comments Used out of context In a commercial campaign.

What Dr Fauci actually said versus how Trump used the clip in the campaign ad – video

Fauci, 79, has been director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984, serving six presidents. It is hugely popular with the public and is largely seen as safe from being kicked out. But The Washington Post also reported that, “At some point during the interview, Fauci said he needed to be careful in his words because he would be prevented from appearing in the future.”

Der said that, “As a member of the task force, Dr. Fauci has a duty to voice his concerns or press for a change of strategy, but he has not done so, and instead chooses to criticize the president in the media and publicize his political leanings by praising the president’s opponent – exactly what The American people expected him from the swamp. “

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Public records Turns out Fauci is not registered as a Democrat or a Republican.

“The Swamp” is the Trump campaign speaking in the name of Washington, which is supposed to be a den of “deep state” bureaucrats and intelligence officials who are dedicated to frustrating the president and populating their nests. Former Trump campaign manager Steve Bannon, one of the main advocates of the deep state theory, said itFor nut cases“.

Speaking to the newspaper, Fauci criticized a controversial outsider Trump had introduced into the Coronavirus Task Force. Scott Atlas, a neuroradiologist at Stanford University A Fox News contributor, he advocates ending public health restrictions and the pursuit of “herd immunity”.

Trump says falsely to the Michigan crowd: “Our doctors get more money if someone dies of Covid” – video

“I have real problems with that guy,” Fauci said. “He’s a smart guy who talks about things that I think he doesn’t have any real vision, knowledge or experience in. He keeps talking about things that when you dissect and analyze, they don’t make sense.”

On Saturday Atlas Promote an interview with RT Powered by the Kremlin TV channel Which regularly spreads misinformation. “Lockdowns, facts, scams,” he wrote on Twitter. “If you can’t stand the truth, use a mask to cover your eyes and ears.”

Fauci also said: “Now, the public health aspect of [White House] The staff has diminished dramatically … the last time I spoke to the president it wasn’t about any policy. When he was recovering at Walter Reed, he called me. “

Fauci said he called meetings but largely avoided the White House due to “all the casualties there.” After an event with Supreme Court nominee Amy Connie Barrett on September 26, cases swirled between the Trump family, his top aides, and top Republicans. Last weekend, Vice President Mike Pence’s top aide was injured.

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Fauci also touched on controversial remarks last weekend by White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, who said the administration would not control the pandemic.

He said, “I lift my hat to him for his acknowledgment of the strategy.” “He’s honest about letting you know what’s on his mind. I commend him for that.”