Tony Hsieh, retired fashion brand president Zappos who spent years developing downtown Las Vegas, has passed away at the age of 46.

He died several days after he was injured in a house fire in New London, Connecticut, surrounded by his family.

A firefighting official told US media that firefighters were called to the property at around 3.30am (8.30am GMT) on Friday after reports of a man trapped in part of a house. He added that they had to make their way, remove the victim, perform CPR, and then take him to the hospital.

Mr. Hsieh donated millions to help restore Las Vegas

Mr. Hsieh, a Harvard graduate, joined Zappos, which he called ShoeSite, in 1999, and stayed with the brand for 20 years, even after selling it for $ 1.2 billion (£ 880 million) to Amazon in 2009.

The company shared in a tribute following his death, saying: “The world has lost a formidable vision and an incredible human.

“His soul will forever remain a part of Zappos.”

In addition to running the fashion company, Mr. Hsieh was known for his work in the redevelopment of Downtown Las Vegas, raising $ 350 million for a revamp in the city in 2013, shortly after moving his company headquarters there.

Funds pledged by startups, restaurants, and other businesses helped take off, in an effort to transform a previously neglected part of the city.

He also wrote a book, Deliving Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion and Purpose in 2010, and scored him a spot on the New York Times and Washington Post bestseller lists.

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Ivanka Trump, daughter of US President Donald Trump, led the honor on social media, saying: “Celebrate life with mourning for the death of my dear friend, Tony Hsieh.

“Tony was a very original thinker who would always challenge me to refuse to comply and follow my heart. Tony was driven by the mission of offering happiness and bringing joy to everyone who knew him. Rest in peace Tony.”

Amazon President Jeff Bezos added his condolences on Instagram, saying, “You lost the world very soon. Your curiosity, vision, and constant focus on customers leaves an indelible mark. You will be missed by a lot, Tony. Rest in peace.”

Professional skater Tony Hawk was also among those who shared the memories of Mr. Hsieh, writing: “A lovely tribute to a true pioneer. Tony Hsieh was a visionary. He was generous with his time and willing to share his invaluable experience with anyone.

“And it was very, very cool.”