when you climb the tree, Escape from the first waveand fell, and was swept away by another great wave.

He said, “I heard my son calling me from the ground, but I did not want to speak because I was afraid that he would come and look for me.”

“When I was in the water I thought only my arms were barely able to keep me afloat, but the ninth time I was under the water I was able to get the logs and stay on them,” he told Reuters. Folau is disabled and has difficulty walking.

slowly succeeded Swimming 7.5 km to TongatapuThe main island of the archipelago 27 hours later I reached her shore on Sunday evening

in the Tonga Islands A powerful two-meter wave hits, following the eruption of the Hongga Tonga underwater volcano on Saturday in the South Pacific. A total of three people were killed. The Tonga archipelago is located in the so-called Ring of Fire, that is, in the zone of constant earthquakes and volcanic eruptions surrounding the Pacific Ocean.

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