The focus of this year’s ‘Wash, Dry, Wear Longer’ campaign is the summer revitalization – Electrolux Zone. It is a pop-up space located on the beach in Gdańsk Brzeźno, as part of which a circular boutique will operate in collaboration with the Clothing Donation Initiative. The area will be opened with a unique event – a circular fashion show by Tomasz Ossoliński, which once again supports the Electrolux brand in its pro-environmental activities.

The entire collection was made from fabrics from the designer’s previous collections from the 20 years of fashion shows and plays for which he created the costumes. The event will take place on July 23.

– The “Wash, Dry, Wear Longer” campaign, which we launched in 2020, to oppose “fast fashion” trends. We are not advocating a radical lifestyle revolution. We encourage new habits of clothing care, which in the long run will build awareness of how treating clothing with respect translates to the environment – says Natalia Kostera, Electrolux Brand Manager.

Electrolux promotes circular fashion

Promotion of the district includes digital and urban activities, set to kick off on July 15.

The region’s activity is supported by a campaign under the slogan “Find a way of taking care of the planet and carrying yourself differently.” The campaign is scheduled to begin on July 15. It will feature digital activities, including a video with the participation of Tomasz Ossoliński inviting you to his ring fashion show and Electrolux District, audio spots (Youtube and Internet Radio), social media activities, collaborations with influencers involved in pro-environmental activities, as well as custom lights and existing LED screens in Tri-City.

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Cut The Mustard is responsible for campaign strategy, creation and production and public relations activities in the media relations space. Media house Zenith is interested in buying the media. The organization of the area was entrusted to the Oina Event Agency.