The three-time winner of the Golden Globe Awards is filming the final installment of the cult series Mission: Impossible. To this end, he and his film crew traveled to Great Britain, where filming resumed after the epidemic was broken. Due to the closure of the nearby airport, the cruise team had to land on the private property of the residents of Warwickshire. As a token of thanks, the star gave the family a helicopter ride.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, production of the final seventh installment of the “Mission: Impossible” ritual series has been significantly delayed. After a break of a few months, the film crew was finally able to resume the images currently being shot in Great Britain. Returning to the iconic role of charismatic agent Ethan Hunt, Tom Cruise began work on the film in stunning style. Due to the fact that Coventry Airport is temporarily closed, the star and his team had to land in … the backyard of a family living in Warwickshire.

We were asked to make our garden available to a celebrity because the nearby airport was closed. I thought it would be great if the kids got a chance to see the helicopter land near their house. When we saw it was Tom Cruise, we were stunned. When he came out, he immediately approached the children and had a chat with them, then thanked us warmly and willingly to take the pictures” – Allison Webb, owner of the property where the “Mission” crew landed, in an interview with the BBC, he said: Impossible 7.” And a thank you for the good His hospitality, Cruz invited his family to board his helicopter to fly around the area together.Web added, “It was a really wonderful and somewhat surreal experience.”

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Meanwhile, photos documenting work on the set of Cruise’s new movie have gone viral around the world. Footage of Stony Middleton shows a fast train falling into a cliff. Initially, this scene was to be recorded in Poland – last year, the media storm broke out due to reports that a railway bridge in Belsowice in Lower Silesia was to be blown up for production purposes. However, the building was not destroyed and was entered in the Antiquities Register.

The premiere of “Mission: Impossible 7” is scheduled for May 2022. (Life PAP)

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