62-year-old Australian Andrew Hoy, who will enter the all-around riding competition, will be the oldest entrant at the Tokyo Olympics. Among the youngest players – the Japanese Kokona Hiraki and the Syrian Hind Zazi – half a century older.

Fear games. Strict restrictions and severe penalties

The Tokyo Olympics were to be man’s victory over the plague. It will be a tightly closed event, full of limitations and doubts. Supporters…

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Olympic Games Such as It will be the eighth Australian start to the Olympic Games. On the other hand, the youngest young athletes, as reported by today.com, are 12-year-olds: Syria’s Hend Zaza, who will compete in table tennis, and Japanese skateboarder Kokuna Hiraki (who will celebrate her thirteenth birthday in August, but after the Olympics).

Another representative for skateboarding for the Olympics debut, Sky Brown, who turned 13, is slightly older than both.. The Japanese-born athlete will represent Great Britain and become the country’s youngest-ever Olympic athlete.

Four Hoya medals

Ryder Hoy debuted at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. He won three gold medals in the team competition (Barcelona 1992, Atlanta 1992 and Sydney 2000). at AustraliaIn front of his fans, he also won the silver medal individually.

In Tokyo, Uzbek gymnast Oksana Kzuswetina, who celebrated her 46th birthday in June, will be able to add the same amount to the Olympic start “counter”. She will become the oldest female Olympian in the history of this discipline, with the average age of participants being less than 20 years old..

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Czusowitina in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 entered the pages of history as the oldest gymnast, and now she “raises” the record. He has two medals to his credit – gold with the CIS team in 1992 in Barcelona and a silver medal in jumping from Beijing (2008).

After the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Chusovitina will end her career and wants to devote herself to training children and youth in Uzbekistan. She represented Germany for seven years (she moved there due to her son’s serious illness), and since 2013 she has started to run for Uzbekistan again.




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