The Chinese shine in table tennis, and the Koreans in archery – this is not new and surprising. Who won the medal standings for the other disciplines at the Tokyo Olympics? There are some surprises.

Americans won medals for the entire Olympics, so it’s no surprise that they were the best in many individual disciplines. They have 3 out of 4 gold medals in basketball (counting 3×3) and 2 out of 4 in volleyball (counting beach volleyball). They won the most medals in athletics (26), but they certainly counted on more zlotys (7) and more successes on the track. The swimming competition can be evaluated similarly, with the USA (PLN 11) having a lower advantage over Australia (PLN 9) than in Rio (16-3) and in fact it was in terms of dominance … the worst matches of the Americans since 1988, when I got more medals in the pool, I got the GDR.

The US team did not manage to repeat the success with Rio in gymnastics, because this time the Chinese women turned out to be the best. It was the Asian billionaire who “won” the most number of disciplines. He has ruled in the aforementioned table tennis (4 out of 5 gold medals), water jumping (7 out of 8 zlotys), weightlifting (8 players from one country can compete, the Chinese won 7 classes), badminton, and for the first time since Beijing, in archery.

Not surprisingly, judo and karate are some of the most successful Japanese disciplines. In rowing, after a 21-year hiatus, the Hungarians are back on top, and in cycling, the British are still in first place, although this time they owe largely to the MTB and BMX performances, because the Dutch chase them on the track. Horse riding belongs to the Germans, and the Cubans regained control of the boxing ring after 17 years. In rowing, as many as five medals (three gold) for New Zealanders, this is the first such case in Olympic history.

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The Russians won the medal table in three disciplines, and this is a surprise in the case of taekwondo. Since the emergence of this discipline in 2000, they have won a total of four medals, including not one gold. Now they put four players and also won four medals, in addition to two of them two gold. In addition, the representatives of the team officially known as the Russian Olympic Committee had the largest number of pucks in fencing and tennis, which, perhaps, is difficult to get regularity at the Olympic Games. It is noteworthy that two of the three Russian medals on the court are mixed, that is, the least well-known tennis competition.

Poland took first place in the rankings of athletics – in third place. One can only regret that hammer throwing is not a separate discipline, in it we won 4 medals out of 6 …

Ranking Medal Winner for Singles (at least three sets of medals):

Badminton – China

Boxing – Cuba

Gymnastics (artistic, athletic, vaulting) – China

horse riding – Germany

Judo – Japan

Kayaking (classic, mountain) – Hungary

Karate – Japan

Cycling (BMX, MTB, Track, Road) – UK

Basketball (including 3×3) – USA

Athletics – USA

Archery – South Korea

Swimming – USA

Weightlifting – China

Volleyball (including beach volleyball) – USA

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Skiing – Japan

Diving – China

Shooting – China

Fencing – Russian Olympic Committee

Taekwondo – Russian Olympic Committee

table tennis – china

Tennis – Russian Olympic Committee

Triathlon – Great Britain

Kayaking – New Zealand

Wrestling – Japan

Sailing – Great Britain