In the first semi-final match, the Serbs will play the Americans. It would be a repeat of what happened in Rio at this point in the game. The European players then won promotion to the final after a five-set match. Will the Americans be able to pay in Tokyo? Live coverage of the Serbia-USA match from 06:00 at

The first women to compete in the final are Serbian and American women. Both teams are doing well in Tokyo.

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Serbke beat Italy 3-0 in the semi-final clash. Earlier, they finished the group stage in second place, losing to only the Brazilians. Now they will fight for at least Rio repeat, winning silver discs.

The American team confidently passed the group stage, which ended in the leadership position. In the following matches, Zoran Terzic’s players beat Argentina, China, Turkey and Italy, and they had to recognize the superiority of the representation of the Russian Olympic Committee. In the quarter-finals, the winner won the 2021 League of Nations title with the Dominican Republic without dropping a set.

During the Olympic Games in Rio, the two teams met twice. In the group stage, the Americans won 3: 1, while the Serbs were better in the semi-finals. Since then, there have been six head-to-head confrontations. Volleyball players from Europe won only twice. The last meeting was during the 2021 League of Nations tournament, where the Americans won 3-0.

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Live coverage of the match against Serbia – USA from 06:00 at

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