Szymon Sajnok placed 16th in the all-around event (Omnium) at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The winner was Matthew Walls.


Newspix / Adam Jastrzębowski / Pictured: Szymon Sajnok

In the scratch that started the multiplayer game, the contenders doubled for places from first to fifth: Matthew Wales, Benjamin Thomas, Jan Willem van Schep, Artyom Zacharo and Niklas Larsen. In the third and fourth minutes Simon Sagnok and David Marie tried to catch up, but were soon caught by the peloton. The pole took 14th place, and in the tempo race, the world champion since 2018 won by one finish and finished 9th. Van Schep scored the most points, followed by Thomas Wales in third.

Elia Viviani won the Australian Grand Prix. The walls also cut the entire distance. Sajnok was eliminated for fifth, giving him sixteenth place among twenty cyclists.

In the last points race, Campbell Stewart scored the most points. The 2019 World Championships Pruszków gold medalist moved from seventh place, after the 3/4 all-out event, to second place. The New Zealander cut two laps and jumped into the top three in the aluminum general classification before the end of the competition. Viviani has also been upgraded to TOP3. This time the Olympic champion from Rio de Janeiro won a bronze medal – after winning the Australian race, he was sixth in the overall standings. The walls kept the lead. The representative of Great Britain definitely won with 153 points achievements. Stewart scored 129 points and Vivani 124. Sagnok ranked 16th (48 points).

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Dutch Shanne Braspennincx won all three Kirin races on Thursday. In the quarter-finals, the winning compatriot – Lauren van Rijsen, who fell off the track on a stretcher. Ellis Andrews, third Lorient Genest, 4 Olina Starikowa, 5 Kelsey Mitchell, 6 Lyubov Basova passed as the second finish line. Already in the semi-finals, the world champions were eliminated: Emma Haines VII and VIII Y-Szy Lee.

In the 1/8 finals of the race, 6 duels were played: Jeffrey Hoagland – Aziz Al-Hasani Awang, Harry Lafrisen – Mohamed Sahram, Jacques Carlin – Sebastian Viger, Nicholas Paul – Yuta Wakimoto, Denis Dmitrigo – Jason Kenny, Maximilian Levy – Sam Webster . Hoogland, Lavreysen, Carlin, Paul, Dmitrijew and Levy qualified directly for the next part of the competition. The 1/8 losers vied for the remaining two spots at 1/4 during the replay, with Kenny and Figger victorious.

In the three quarter-finals, there was no need to play a third round, the winners were selected after two. The results were 2: 0 in the matches: Hoagland – Weger, Lafrisen – Kenny, Carlin – Levy. The duel between Paul and Dmitriev turned out to be the most fierce. The 200m world record holder from the rolling start took the lead, but the promotion was finally won by Rossi.

Kirin women:
1 – Schaan Brasbeninks (Netherlands)
2 – Elisey Andrews (New Zealand)
3 – Lorient Genest (Canada)
aluminum men:
1 – Matthew Walls (Great Britain)
2 – Campbell Stewart (New Zealand)
3 – Elia Viviani (Italy)

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