The Poles were ranked eighth in the team sprint in cycling at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.


PAP / EPA / CHRISTOPHER JUE / Pictured: Harrie Lavreysen

8 teams qualified for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in the team sprint. This elite group included Poles, there were no Japanese, among others. Biao-Czerwoni was the first to decide on seeding on the tour. In the 2019/2020 season, the accusations of coach Igor Krymsky achieved results of 42,872 (a national record) and 43,041 (the second result in the history of the Polish sprint), but this time it was far from these results.

Matthews Roddick, Patrick Rajkowski and Krzysztof Maxell had 43,516 and were eighth. The team was behind the seventh on the field – the Germans won 43.140.

In the next round, the eighth team of the first stage of the struggle competed with the best – Holland. The Poles again found themselves at the bottom of the table (43307). The situation for seventh place was similar to the 2019/2020 World Cup final in New Zealand. The Polish team quickly disintegrated, Maksel was clearly behind Rudyk and Biało-Czerwoni definitely lost to the New Zealanders (46431 to 43,703).

The Dutch won gold medals (41369 in the final). It is clear that the winning candidates at the World Championships 2018, 2019 and 2020 defeated Great Britain (44,589). In the previous stage, the difference between the two groups was found to be much smaller (41,431 and 41,829). Jason Kenny stood on the podium for the eighth time. The player from Great Britain added a second silver to six gold discs. Third place for the French and fourth for the Australians (42331 – 44.013).

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men’s team racing:
1 – Harry Lafrisen, Jeffrey Hoagland, Roy van den Berg, Matisse Buechli (Netherlands)
2. Ryan Owens, Jack Carlin, Jason Kinney (Great Britain)
3 – Florian Gringbo, Sebastien Figer, Ryan Hilal (France)

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