On Wednesday, there were qualifying races and a semi-final for the men’s sprint competition on the regatta at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Liam Heath had to work his way through the quarter-finals, but he’s still in the running for the medals.

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Undoubtedly the biggest surprise on Wednesday morning was the defeat of Liam Heath in the K1 200m qualifying race at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The Briton is the Olympic champion from Rio de Janeiro and the current world champion at this distance, and at his start he only reached the third finish line. Colossus Csizmadia and Carlos Arevalo turned out to be better than him. Heath came in 0.140 seconds behind the Hungarian, who beat the Spaniard by 0.010 seconds. All three sailed faster than the Olympic record he set at Rio Heath.

Of course, the Briton was unparalleled in the quarter-finals and was more than a second ahead of the second competitor, thus setting a new Olympic record once again. However, the first race showed that Heath could be defeated in the Olympic medal match. And he will certainly want to do so, among other things Peter Minning, who has already won world championship medals at this distance, but that was in 2013-2015. The Swede is currently the bronze medalist of the European Championships and will want to compete for the medals in Tokyo.

The semi-finals also include Sandor Totka, who finished fourth at the Rio Olympics, but in K2 over the 200 metres. However, perhaps the Hungarian would like to follow in his friend’s footsteps and also defeat Heath in Tokyo. Marc de Jong, the bronze medalist at the London Olympics at this distance, will not be among the semi-finalists. This time he turns out to be about 0.3 seconds weaker than Ewgienij Lukantsow and the Canadian won’t fight for another Olympic discus.

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Men’s K1 200m Qualifying Results:
Race 1:
1. Peter Minning (Sweden) – 34.698 – promotion to the semi-finals
2. Saul Craviotto (Spain) – 35.002 – Promotion to the semi-finals
3. Evgeny Lukantsov (Russian Olympic Committee) – 35.157 – Quarter-finals
4- Cole Tamarua – Horton (Cook Islands) 40.061 – Quarter-finals
5. Rudolph Williams (Samoa) 42,083 – Quarter-finals

Race 2:
1. Kolos Csizmadia (Hungary) – 34.442 – Promotion to the semi-finals
2. Carlos Arévalo (Spain) – 34452 – Promotion to the semi-finals
3- Liam Heath (Britain) – 34.582 – Quarter-finals
4. Nicholas Matveyev (Canada) – 36190 – Quarter-finals
5. Moamen Mahran (Egypt) – 38850 – Quarter-finals

Race 3:
1. Sandor Totka (Hungary) – 35.070 – Promotion to the semi-finals
2. Roberts Akmens (Latvia) – 35.448 – made it to the semi-finals
3. Guangjie Chu (South Korea) – 35.738 – Quarter-finals
4. Marc de Jong (Canada) 36.110 – Quarter-finals
5. Momotaro Matsushita (Japan) 36.132 – Quarter-finals

Race 4:
1. Manfredi Rizza (Italy) – 34.867 – promotion to the semi-finals
2. Maxime Beaumont (France) 35.259 – promotion to the semi-finals
3. Oleg Gusev (Russian Olympic Committee) – 35928 – Quarter-finals
4. Xiaoxu Yang (China) – 36.561 – Quarter-finals
5. Bojan Zdellar (Serbia) 37,092 Quarter-finals

Race 5:
1. Strahinja Stefanovic (Serbia) 34.996 – semi-finals
2. Ruben Rizola (Argentina) – 35,059 – Promotion to the semi-finals
3. Mindogas Maldones (Lithuania) – 36650 – Quarter-finals
4- Tofaa Clifton (Samoa) 38,363 quarter-finals
5. Amadou Cruz (Belize) 39.645 – Quarter-finals

Men’s K1200m Quarter-Final Results:
First race:
1. Mindogas Maldonis (Lithuania) – 35466 – made it to the semi-finals
2. Momotaro Matsushita (Japan) – 35,540 – reached the semi-finals
3- Xiaoxu Yang (Xinhai) – 852 35
4- Moamen Mahran (Egypt) 37,836
Kohl Tamarua-Horton (Cook Islands) – Unfinished

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Race 2:
1. Liam Heath (Britain) – 33985 – reached the semi-finals
2. Evgeny Lukantsov (Russian Olympic Committee) – 35.184 – Promotion to the semi-finals
3. Mark the Younger (Canada) – 35.462
4 – Bojan Zdelar (Serbia) – 531 36
5 – Rudolph Williams (Samoa) – 41.950

Race 3:
1. Guangjie Chu (South Korea) – 35,048 – promotion to the semi-finals
2. Nicholas Matveyev (Canada) – 35,181 – promotion to the semi-finals
3- Oleg Gusev (Russian Olympic Committee) – 35581
4- Tofaa Clifton (Samoa) – 38287
5- Beloved Cruz (Belize) – 39333

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