We left behind the first medals in shooting at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The Koreans defeated the Netherlands in the final and turned out to be the best in the mixed tournament. The Poles were missing.

David Less

David Less

In the foreground photos: Kim Je Deok

PAP / EPA / DIEGO AZUBEL / Photos in the foreground: Kim Je Deok

On Saturday, a mixed shooting competition was held during the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. This is new, mixes have not been run before. There were no poles on the field, who had scores too low in the singles rating round for us to make up the team. Top 16 duos entered the tournament. However, there was no shortage of sentiment in the competition.

The Koreans were the best in the ranking round and it was this team that was ranked one team in the mixes and handled Bangladesh easily in the first round. The championship “Two” was made by Americans – Mackenzie Brown and Brady Ellison.

Brown finished fifth in the standings, and Ellison came second in the men’s competition. But in the mix, the US representatives did not present themselves well and lost in the first round, and the Indonesian players turned out to be better than them. And the number three was the Japanese, who, in turn, did not qualify for the quarter-finals, but were defeated by the French. The lack of any point from the Italian side may also come as a surprise, although in their case the Dutch were in a higher position. However, the Italians scored only twenty in the whole match, and as many as three seven goals.

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In the quarter-finals, the most interesting was the match between the French and the Dutch. To determine the winner, additional time was required, since the “oranges” turned out to be better. Koreans, Mexicans, and Turks were promoted to the Medal Zone without any problems. In the semi-finals, the Koreans went on to prove their dominance and defeated the Mexican duo 6: 1. The Turks and the Dutch fought for second place in the final. The first two sets the Dutch won brought them much closer to fighting for gold. The Turks could not compensate for the losses and had to fight for bronze.

Alejandra Valencia and Lucy Alvarez did very well in the fencing for the slightest step on the podium. For four sets, the Mexican duo fired only one weak double shot. In the remaining attempts they did not go below eighty. In the last match, the Turks fought with ambition, scoring 33 points, but seven Mexicans gave them 34 points and a bronze medal.

In the grand finale, An San and Kim Je Doek competed against Gabriela Schloesser and Steve Wijler. The Koreans started poorly, in the first set they scored only 35 points and the Dutch won it. Later, however, the Asian duo improved their effectiveness and won two more sets 37:36 and 36:33 and led 4: 2. In the decisive match, the Dutch scored one nine, then three shots hit the scores for 39 points. In order to continue fighting for gold, they had to rely on the fault of the Koreans. However, they didn’t want to give hope to their rivals and started with three scores, and the golden arrow was sent by An San, who hit the nines and tied the set gave an overall win of 5:3 to the Koreans.

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Results 1/8:

South Korea – Bangladesh 6-0
India – Chinese Taipei 5:3
China – UK 3: 5
Germany – Mexico 2: 6
Japan – France 3: 5
Italy-Netherlands 0:6
Turkey – Russian Olympic Committee 6:2
Indonesia – United States 5:4


South Korea – India 6:2
Great Britain – Mexico 0:6
France – Holland 4: 5
Turkey-Indonesia 6:2

Semi-final rounds:

South Korea – Mexico 5:1
Netherlands – Turkey 5:3

Third place match:
Mexico-Turkey 6:2

South Korea – Netherlands 5:3

Final rating:
1. South Korea
2. Netherlands
3. Mexico
4. Turkey
5. France
6. Indie
7. Indonesia
8. Great Britain

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