The British sailed: Thomas Dean, James Jay, Matthew Richards and Duncan Scott, who sailed amazingly during the last turn. The winners reached a time of 6.58.58, just 0.03 seconds behind the 12-year-old US world record set in polyurethane clothing.

The battle was fierce for second place. In the end, the relay race of the Russian Olympic Committee (January 7, 81) was ahead of Australia by 0.03 seconds (January 7, 84).

The Americans hit the time 7.02.43. They were in the lead for a moment after the 500m. Zach Apple, who was swimming in the third rose, eventually weakened and dropped to fifth. Townley Haas failed to put her on the podium.

Swimming results in the men’s 4x200m freestyle relay:

 1. Wielka Brytania     6.58,58 
   (Thomas Dean, James Guy, Matthew Richards, Duncan Scott) 
 2. Rosyj. Kom. Olimp.  7.01,81
   (Martin Maljutin, Ivan Girjew, Jewgenij Ryłow, Michaił Dowgaljuk) 
 3. Australia           7.01,84
   (Alexander Graham, Kyle Chalmers, Zac Incerti, Thomas Neill) 
 4. USA                 7.02,43
 5. Włochy              7.03,24
 6. Szwajcaria          7.06,12
 7. Niemcy              7.06,51
 8. Brazylia            7.08,22
15. Polska         odpadła w eliminacjach
   (Kacper Majchrzak, Jakub Kraska, Kamil Sieradzki, Radosław Kawęcki) 

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