On Wednesday morning, there were qualifying races and a rowing quarterfinals. After them, we know who our representatives will face in the battle for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games final.

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On Wednesday morning, in the C1 200m qualifying race, Dorota Borovska showed a good team, winning and winning a direct promotion to the semi-finals of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Justina Iskrzeka and Marta Walchikevich, who swam in the K1 500m, also made it to the semi-finals Final.

A little later, on the same day, the quarter-final races of both competitions took place, in which our representatives took part. Thus, all the competitions that the Polish women will face in the battle for the Olympic final were selected.

The representatives of Uzbekistan and Nigeria came close to surprises in the quarter-finals of the 200 meters C1. Both of them, however, finished third in their races and finished their run. However, it must be admitted that Delnuza Rakhmatova from Uzbekistan can talk about a lot of misfortune, because she lost the promotion by 0.008 seconds. The start can be enjoyed in the semi-finals, among others Antia Jacome, Virag Balla and Alena Nazdrova, who have won the quarter-final races.

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There was also a lot of excitement in one of the K1 500m quarter-finals, as Brenda Rojas and Emily Lewis battled for promotion to the finish. In the end, the competition from Argentina was a little faster, and the Briton ends up taking part. In another race, Svetlana Chernigovskaya and Lizzie Berwick fought hard for victory, although they were confident of reaching the semi-finals. The representative of the Russian Olympic Committee with a difference of 0.013 seconds.

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The C1 200m semi-final with the participation of Dorota Boroska is scheduled for Thursday, August 5 at 2:44. The Polish women’s competitor will be, among others, Olesia Romasenko, the multiple medalist of the European and World Championships. It is the Russian women, who are competing in Tokyo under the banner of the Russian Olympic Committee, who should be our representative’s biggest competitor in this race, but the top four runners from the semi-finals will qualify for the Olympics finals. In addition to Romasenko, Borowska will fight in the semi-finals, among others with Liudmyla Luzan and Katie Vincent, who also won qualifying races.

The K1 500m semi-final with Justyna Iskrzycka will take place on Thursday 5 August at 2:58. Next to the Polish women at the start there will be, among others Tamara Ksebes and Hermine Peters winning their qualifying races with confidence. Caitlin Regal will also start in the same semi-final, where she won Olympic gold in the K2500m alongside Lisa Carrington. Only two of the contestants will qualify for the semi-finals of each semi-final, so the task of the Polish team is difficult.

Marta Walczekevich will also fight for promotion to the A K1500m final, her start at 3:12 scheduled the same day. Our representative’s competitor will be, among others Emma Jorgensen, Linea Stencils and Sabrina Hering Bradler, who only lost to Carrington in the qualifying round.

Women’s C1200m Quarter-Final Results:
Race 1:
1. Antea Jacomi (Spain) 45.668 – promotion to the semi-finals
2. Maria Milliard (Chile) 46.122 – promotion to the semi-finals
3- Anastasia Chetverikova (Ukraine) – 46.509
4- Bernadette Wallace (Australia) – 48,330
5- Thiangkathok Hour (Thailand) – 48559
6- Nilufar Zukirova (Uzbekistan) – 48 995
7- Maria Olarasu (Moldova) – 49,002
8. Teruko Kiriyaki (Japan) – 49,413

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Race 2:
1. Viraj Bala (Hungary) 46.218 – promotion to the semi-finals
2. Irina Andreeva (Russian Olympic Committee) – 46.637 – Promotion to the semi-finals
3 – Delnuza Rakhmatova (Uzbekistan) – 46645
4- Katie Reed (Great Britain) – 47821
5- Vanessa Tut (Croatia) – 375 48
6- Daniela Kosio (Moldova) – 48 594
7. Margarita Turlubova (Kazakhstan) – 49,051

Race 3:
1. Alina Nazdrova (Belarus) – 46950 – reached the semi-finals
2. Lisa Jan (Germany) – 47.049 – promotion to the semi-finals
3- Ayumidi Emmanuel Bello (Nigeria) – 47.326
4- Sophie Koch (Germany) – 48891
5- Stanelia Staminova (Bulgaria) – 48939
6- Manaka Kubota (Japan) – 769 49
7. Josephine Bolmer (Australia) – 51.474

Women’s K1500m Quarter-Final Results:
Race 1:
1. Isabel Contreras (Spain) – 1: 51.235 – promotion to the semi-finals
2. Manon Hostense (France) – 1:54.095 – Promotion to the semi-finals
3. Yulia Yurychuk (Ukraine) – 1: 58.657 – Promotion to the semi-finals
4. Ann Kearns (Samoa) – 2: 02.525
5. Samaa Ahmed (Egypt) – 2: 06.033

Race 2:
1. Svetlana Chernigovskaya (Russian Olympic Committee) – 1:49.323 – advance to the semi-finals
2. Lise Broix (Belgium) – 1:49.336 – promotion to the semi-finals
3. Brenda Rojas (Argentina) 1: 51.822 – Promotion to the semi-finals
4. Emily Lewis (UK) – 1:51996
5- Anna Roxana Lehase (Austria) – 1: 53.378
6. Joanna Vasconcelos (Portuguese) – 1: 56.622

Race 3:
1. Mingdi Yin (China) – 1:49.268 – promotion to the semi-finals
2. Spila Ponomarenko Janjic (Slovenia) – 1:49.680 – promotion to the semi-finals.
3. Deborah Kerr (Great Britain) – 1: 50.133 – promotion to the semi-finals
4. Kira Stepanova (Russian Olympic Committee) – 1: 52.190
5. Jieyi Huang (Chiny) -1: 52.689
6- Natalia Sergeyeva (Kazakhstan) – 1: 55.776

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Race 4:
1. Milica Novakovic (Serbia) 1: 49.348 – Promotion to the semi-finals
2. Maria Bovk (Ukraine) 1: 50.769 – promotion to the semi-finals
3. Michelle Russell (Canada) – 1: 51.375 – promotion to the semi-finals
4- Annamaria Govorcinovic (Croatia) – 1:53967
5. Francesca Genzo (Italy) – 2: 01.744
6. Amira Khreis (Algeria) – 2: 07.548

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