When the Polish Olympic Committee staff agreed to represent on July 6, it numbered 216 people. A lot has changed in nearly two weeks. Due to injury, athlete Ewa Soboda had to withdraw. But there’s room for tennis player Camille McGherzack and road cyclist Marta Lach. There were still 217 players in the Polish national team for a while.

The situation has changed in recent days. Due to errors by the Polish Swimming Federation, six swimmers were not allowed to start in Tokyo. On Sunday, they returned to Poland. Ultimately, Poland will be represented at the Olympic Games in Tokyo by 211 athletes (102 women and 111 men).

It is not a small number of employees. In terms of population, Poland – along with New Zealand – ranks 15th in the world and 7th in Europe.

Americans have the largest number of representatives in Tokyo – 614. Then there are the Japanese – 591, and the third place Australians – 471. From Europe, there are more teams than Poland: Germany (401), France (379), Great Britain (376) and Italy (372) ), Spain (321) and the Netherlands (278).

1. USA – 614

2- Japan – 591

3- Australia – 471

4- China – 405

5. Germany – 401

6- France – 379

7- United Kingdom – 376

8. Italy – 372

9- Canada – 369

10. Russian Olympic Committee – 334

15- Poland and New Zealand – 211

Players from 203 countries will participate in the Games. The Refugee Olympic Team will start separately. On the other hand, athletes from Russia, due to anti-doping sanctions imposed on the National Committee, will participate under the banner of the Russian Olympic Committee.

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