Rajkowski won with China’s Xu Zhao after 14th in qualifying, but then lost to Germany’s Maximilian Levy. He still had a chance of being replayed, but he turned out to be worse than the Malaysian Muhammad Shah Ferdows Sahram. The race was repeated because in the first round there was a collision and a fall of a pole.

Rajkowski’s not making the top 12 was no surprise, but Roddick’s absence from this group was a major sensation. He won a medal at the World and European Championships, progressed well in qualifying and finished seventh. He then lost in the first round to New Zealander Sam Webster, and in the replay to the same Malaysian who later eliminated his compatriot.

The singles sprint competition will last for three days, the top four will be selected by the quarter-finals on Thursday, and medals will be distributed on Friday.

The 1/8 finalists pairs are: Jeffrey Hoagland (Netherlands) – Aziz Alhasani Awang (Malaysia), Harry Lafrisen (Netherlands) – Muhammad Shah Ferdows Sahram (Malaysia), Jacques Carlin (Great Britain) – Sebastien Viger (France), Nicholas Paul ( Trinidad and Tobago) – Utah Wakimoto (Japan), Denis Dmitriev (Russia) – Jason Kenny (UK) and Maximilian Levy (Germany) – Sam Webster (New Zealand).

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