“It’s a good day for Szczecin at the Olympics. Patrick Dubek, MKL Szczecin’s 800m bronze medalist! Congratulations!” – We read in the profile of Pogoń Szczecin.

Google search: how to play family tree. Bravo, Patrick! Onet Sport journalist Dariusz Dobek . wrote

“Two Kenyans and him! Patrick Dubik in his first season in the 800m! He did something amazing!!!!” – Jacek Kurowski wrote.

London 2012 – did not qualify for the 4×400 relay, which did not reach the final. Scandal with a toilet fight. Rio 2016 – only 42nd place in the qualifying 400m hurdles. 2021 Olympics – bronze in the 800m, starting from this distance. Since this General. Patrick Dubek is great ”- wrote journalist Jacob Radomsky.

“Patrick Dubeck is awesome!” TVP Sport journalist Szymon Borczuch wrote.

“Patrick Dubik, another ‘portraits’ champion, a bronze medalist from Tokyo. He sings in church, plays in an orchestra, and promised to be a good soccer player, but decided to become a runner. Sports” Edita Kowalczyk.

Tomas Kowalczyk of Radio Jedinka writes, “We have a bronze Patrick Dubic! Another beautiful story written in Tokyo. Eighth Polish Olympic medal.”

“Cool ten Dobek” – wrote the former president of Legia Warszawa, Bogusław Leśnodorski.

“But he was running!!! Patrick Dubeck took bronze at 800m!!!” – Maja Włoszczowska Books.

“Dobek style shoots too. Season 1 and Bronze!” – TVP Sport journalist Maciej Iwański wrote.

Onet Sport journalist Tomas Kalimba wrote: “Exciting bronze for Patrick Dubik in the 800m. Coach Zbigniew Król takes first Olympic medal.”

medal table:

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