The Koreans turned out to be the best in the shooter team championship at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. This is the third gold medal in shooting for this team and has been won by the women’s team and the mix.

David Less

David Less

Shooters from South Korea

PAP / EPA / YONHAP / Pictured: Archery in South Korea

In the men’s shooting team championships at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, as well as for women, 12 teams started. The Koreans, Japanese, Chinese and Dutch were seeded in the quarter-finals. They were soon joined by Americans, British, Indian actors and Chinese Taipei players after a fierce match. The group of semi-finalists was also quickly selected and there were three seeded teams, the Koreans, the Japanese and the Dutch. Only the Chinese surrendered to the Chinese Taipei team.

In the semi-final duel for the Asian teams, there was more excitement and extra time was needed to make the decision. After four sets the score was 4:4, Korea and Japan each won in two sets. It is noteworthy that the Koreans scored 58 points twice. In overtime the score was one – 28 each. But the Koreans’ shots were closer to the middle and it was they who advanced to the Grand Final. In the second semi-final there were no such feelings, the Dutch managed to get only one point from the third team from Asia, which was in the semi-finals.

In a duel over bronze, the Dutch fought the Japanese. The only team from Europe to reach the top four faced difficult conditions for their opponent. The Japanese needed extra time again, but this time it ended in their favour and the entire podium was sure to consist of Asian teams. In the Grand Final, the Koreans scored 59 and 60 points in the first two sets in a row, giving them a 4-0 score in the match and a calm before the next game. As it turned out, the third set was the last and the Koreans became Olympic champions.

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Men’s Team Championship results:

India-Kazakhstan 6:2
USA – France 6-0
Australia – Chinese Taipei 4: 5
Indonesia – Great Britain 0:6

South Korea – India 6-0
United States – Japan 1: 5
China – Chinese Taipei 1: 5
UK – Netherlands 3: 5

Semi-final rounds:
South Korea – Japan 5:4
Chinese Taipei – Netherlands 6-0

Third place match:
Japan – Netherlands 5:4

South Korea – Chinese Taipei 6-0

Final rating:
1. South Korea (Kim Je Deok, Kim Woojin, Oh Jinhyek)
2 – Chinsuke Tagbeg (Ding Yu-cheng, Tang Zhichun, Wei Chun-heng)
3 – Jabunia (Takaharu Furukawa, Yuki Kuata, Hiroki Muto)
4. Holland
5. Great Britain
6. China
7. USA
8. Indie
9. Australia
9. France
9. Indonesia
9. Kazakhstan

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